Here’s your DFQ #029:

Whom would you appoint to your own inaugural Virtual Board?

external-dimensionStart with up to ten members. You can appoint or dismiss members as you wish.

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249 thoughts on “#029 VIRTUAL BOARD

  1. My Virtual Board from a professional advisory perspective would be made up as follows:

    Thought leadership and creative thinking development
    Simon Sinek
    Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

    Business Development
    Sir Richard Branson
    Bob Dalton

    Environmental impact and wellbeing
    Sir David Attenborough

    Inclusivity and diversity
    Dr Martin Luther King

    People and Culture
    Robin Williams

    Science and the Arts related Value and development
    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Trusted Advisor and friend
    My Dad

  2. Chair: Angela Murkel
    Minister for arts: Leonardo Da Vinci
    Minister for technology: Thomas Edison
    Minister for war: Winston Churchill
    Minister for peace and love: His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    Minister for optimism: Martin Seligman
    Minister for understanding: Oliver Sachs
    Minister for world health: Bill Gates

  3. Par ordre alphabétique
    Marie Curie
    Adélaïde de Flahaut (puis Madame de Souza)
    Umberto Eco
    Caleb Gattegno
    Nelson Mandela
    Marco Meirovitz
    Fernand Raynaud
    Paul Watzlawick

  4. Ray Dalio
    Stephen Fry
    Satoshi Nakamoto
    Viktor Frankel
    Emmeline Pankhurst
    Zou Qunfei
    Christopher Hitchens
    Keith Richards

  5. In real life: my wife and my daughter for they’re way more clever than I am.

    In my mind:
    Leonardo for his extended view of knoweldge,
    Tesla for his imagination and altruism,
    Shakespeare for his ability to create words and stories,
    Socrates for his questioning ability,
    Voltaire for his dissident view on current systems,
    Twain for his irreverent view of our world,
    Kierkegaard for bringing the spiritual in everything we do,
    Martin Luther King for his passion and convictions,
    Aurelius for his nature wisdom,
    A young person with the aspiration to change the world.

  6. I would appoint in my virtual board:

    1. Yong Afable who is a great thinker and a colleague of mine
    2. Scott Atran for his work on violent religious extremism
    3. Steve Jobs
    4. Pedro Arrupe
    5. Venancio Calpotura

  7. in my virtual board i would choose :
    *Anybody who can ask me good cognitive questions;
    *Anybody who can show me my mistakes;
    *Anybody who can correct me when I am wrong;
    *Anybody who can help me to change my bad moods;
    *Anybody who can help me to creat a better BVS;
    *Anybody who can help me to learn more about my self.

  8. eveSteve Jobs
    Mahatma Gandi
    King Solomon
    Albert Einstein
    Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    Bill Gates
    J.K. Rowling
    Oprah Winfrey
    Michael Jordan
    Nelson Mandela

  9. 1.Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    2.Naom Chomsky
    3.Michael Mosley
    4.David Simon
    5.Bernie Sanders
    6.Tim Minchin
    7.Richard Branson
    8.Waleed Aly
    9.Ric Charlesworth
    10.Yanis Varoufakis

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