Here’s your DFQ #029:

Whom would you appoint to your own inaugural Virtual Board?

external-dimensionStart with up to ten members. You can appoint or dismiss members as you wish.

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249 thoughts on “#029 VIRTUAL BOARD

  1. my teacher , my guide , my coach , my dad , my mother , Michael Hewitt , Daniel Kahenman , Krishna , my husband

  2. – Leonardo da Vinci
    – Kevin Sheedy
    – Hugh Jackman
    – Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    – My Family
    – Rebel Wilson
    – Sir John Monash
    – Genrich Altshuller
    – J.K. Rowling
    – Sergey Brin

  3. I would appoint:
    1. Barron (style & grooming)
    2. Doug (another opinion)
    3. Anthony (mental message)
    4. Michael (vaticanology)
    5. John (health & fitness)
    6. Daniel (philosophy)
    7. DC (spiritual exploration)
    8. Brian (legal)
    9. Jim (philosphy)
    10. Neil (possibility)

  4. It is a really fun and useful game. It’s all very new and exciting for me. I would like to nominate these members to my Virtual Board: myself, pessimist friend, optimist friend, pessimist enemy, optimist enemy, a judge, a tax inspector, a playboy, my parents, my sister, my wife, my children and the God.

  5. Napoleon Hill
    Albert Einstein
    Warren Buffet
    My Mother
    My Father
    My Wife
    Richard Branson
    Lee Iacocca
    Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

  6. 1.Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    2.Naom Chomsky
    3.Richard Dawkins
    4.David Simon
    5.Bernie Sanders
    6.Ralph Nader
    7.Richard Branson
    8.Waleed Aly
    9.Tom Petty
    10.Angela Merkel

  7. Bill Gates
    Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    Tony Buzan
    John Howard
    Prof Brian Cox
    Billy Crystal
    Michael Dell
    Aly Waleed
    Warren Buffett
    Michael Porter

  8. I have actually put together a business reference group from my top 10 customers to help me.
    They are my sounding board, and eyes and ears.

  9. 1. Allan Pease
    2. Michael Hewitt-Gle​eson
    3. Anthony Robbins
    4. Warren Buffet
    5. Peter J. Daniels
    6. Barack Obama
    7. Jim Rohn
    8. John Cushion
    9. Doug Malouf
    10. Ramesha Tiskumara

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