Here’s your DFQ #029:

Whom would you appoint to your own inaugural Virtual Board?

external-dimensionStart with up to ten members. You can appoint or dismiss members as you wish.

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249 thoughts on “#029 VIRTUAL BOARD

  1. 1. Christopher Columbus
    2. Da Vinci
    3. Galileo
    4. Rothko
    5. Queen Elizabeth
    6. Daniela Marini
    7. MHG
    8. Matthew Bouw
    9. Greg Cousins
    10. Mark Zuckerberg

  2. 1. Nikola Tesla
    2. Aldous Huxley
    3. Leonardo da Vinci
    4. Michael Milken
    5. Galileo Galilei
    6. Richard Feynman
    7. Bram Stoker
    8. J. Robert Oppenheimer
    9. J.P. Morgan
    10. Adam Spencer

  3. Virtual board concept for advice sounds fantastic…would be great if there was something actually available like this inthe virtual world

  4. I really like the idea of appointing younger and older versions of yourself, very clever…
    I’d also include my mother, Audrey Hepburn, my manager, my best friend, my GP, my yoga teacher, a famous entrepreneur and my grand mother…..

  5. I would start with Rob Higley, followed up by Neil Finn, Neil Armstrong, Glenn Ellis, Bernie Caddey, William White, me at age 8, and also my 60-year old future self, my 80 year old future self, and my 100-year old future self

  6. Abraham Lincoln , Winston Churchill, Michael Guggenheimer, Tim Hutchson, Sue Chesterman,
    Brian Chesterman, Ian Hamilton James Symond,
    Frank Ganis, Sylvia Curry.

  7. I like to filter my thinking through the view of “…what would X say about this..” or Y etc. Its a good exercise.

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