Here’s your DFQ #029:

Whom would you appoint to your own inaugural Virtual Board?

external-dimensionStart with up to ten members. You can appoint or dismiss members as you wish.

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248 thoughts on “#029 VIRTUAL BOARD

  1. I would have a mixture of business people , sports people , entertainers and academics . Some definates would be Richard Branson, Robin Williams , Mohammad Ali , Kerry Packer , Wayne Bennett , Sir Edmond Hillary and the rest will be on a rotating roster depending on my mood .

  2. Pope Francis, my sister, my former lab manager, the former AVP at my current job, a teenager, a professor, a janitor, a librarian, a writer

  3. I would appoint Socrates,Sir Ed. Ronald Elsdon -Dew, Paul Johnson, Joyce Stott, Patricia Cameron, David Pawson,Neil Dibb,the apostle John, David.

  4. VIRTUAL BOARD members.
    [1] executive: values drive executives. Decision-making, encouragement, inspiration.
    [2] relationships: connection with people. Compassion.
    [3] style: manner of engaging with life. Provocation, wit, stimulation.

  5. Virtual board would include happy and positive people. One for marketing, finance, wardrobe, three for academic support, philanthropy advisor, fitness, music instructor, soulmate/partner.

  6. Indian Sapta Rishis, Patanjali, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela,Dr. Michael, Dr. Edward Debono, JRD Tata, AB Vajpayee, Narendra Modi, Prof. Abdul Kalam

  7. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, My Mum, Sam Wylie, Jim Fredrickson, Gary Sampson, Bernie Ecclestone, Enzo Ferrarai and Baron Piere De Coubertain

  8. 10 would be my 3 wisest friends , 2 professionals. Persons from a Low and high socio-economic group managerial ;opinionated ones .

  9. My virtual board would consist of the professionals that I have met in my relevant field whom I admire greatly for their vision, integrity and astuteness. No celebrities, politicians, authors, personalities for me – I want people who are a quick study in the relevant issues and I don’t have to worry about egos or diva-like behaviour getting in the way. Let’s get on with the job!

  10. Would always include people who are like minded, have the strengths I don’t have, able to see BVS, positive people, someone who has the evidence

  11. my virtual board – my husband (as confidante and sounding board), my great friend Jo (she is an amazingly positive influence), 2 professionals who I respect greatly ….. Hmm thinking of who else I could include ….

  12. Wow – my virtual board would consist of people I trust implicitly (my husband, sister, Mum and good friend at work) to give me honest and truthful advice. The type of advice would differ depending on what I need . fashion and friendships – my sister, integrity – my Mum, General worldliness – my husband, my girlfriend to keep me on track here at work.

  13. I think that it is important for me to appoint a board of people who I would usually disagree with. I wish my board to be less about ego and more about exploring new ideas. Ok maybe just one member there for my ego…

  14. Hilary Clinton, Ita Buttrose, Jenifer Hawkins, Peter Garret, Peter Costello, Tim Costello, Gerry Norman, Dick Smith, Andrew Bolt, and Peter Cossgrove.

  15. On my virtual board I would have my husband (to be my rational mind and to see things from the other point of view). My sister and mother for honesty. One or 2 work colleagues who are great motivators. Anyone in my life that can see things from a different point of view to myself.

  16. Mum – guidance and support
    Dad – guidance and motivation
    Brother – honesty and ideas
    Boss – direction/mentor
    Work colleague –
    Friend 2
    Friend 3
    There are plenty of people I would like that I don’t have personal contact with (famous writers, artists, sports people, entrepreneurs etc.). In these cases I can try to think what they would say/advise.

  17. I like to filter my thinking through the view of “…what would X say about this..” or Y etc. Its a good exercise.

  18. Abraham Lincoln , Winston Churchill, Michael Guggenheimer, Tim Hutchson, Sue Chesterman,
    Brian Chesterman, Ian Hamilton James Symond,
    Frank Ganis, Sylvia Curry.

  19. I would start with Rob Higley, followed up by Neil Finn, Neil Armstrong, Glenn Ellis, Bernie Caddey, William White, me at age 8, and also my 60-year old future self, my 80 year old future self, and my 100-year old future self

  20. I really like the idea of appointing younger and older versions of yourself, very clever…
    I’d also include my mother, Audrey Hepburn, my manager, my best friend, my GP, my yoga teacher, a famous entrepreneur and my grand mother…..

  21. Virtual board concept for advice sounds fantastic…would be great if there was something actually available like this inthe virtual world

  22. 1. Nikola Tesla
    2. Aldous Huxley
    3. Leonardo da Vinci
    4. Michael Milken
    5. Galileo Galilei
    6. Richard Feynman
    7. Bram Stoker
    8. J. Robert Oppenheimer
    9. J.P. Morgan
    10. Adam Spencer

  23. 1. Christopher Columbus
    2. Da Vinci
    3. Galileo
    4. Rothko
    5. Queen Elizabeth
    6. Daniela Marini
    7. MHG
    8. Matthew Bouw
    9. Greg Cousins
    10. Mark Zuckerberg

  24. 1. Allan Pease
    2. Michael Hewitt-Gle​eson
    3. Anthony Robbins
    4. Warren Buffet
    5. Peter J. Daniels
    6. Barack Obama
    7. Jim Rohn
    8. John Cushion
    9. Doug Malouf
    10. Ramesha Tiskumara

  25. I have actually put together a business reference group from my top 10 customers to help me.
    They are my sounding board, and eyes and ears.

  26. Bill Gates
    Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    Tony Buzan
    John Howard
    Prof Brian Cox
    Billy Crystal
    Michael Dell
    Aly Waleed
    Warren Buffett
    Michael Porter

  27. 1.Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    2.Naom Chomsky
    3.Richard Dawkins
    4.David Simon
    5.Bernie Sanders
    6.Ralph Nader
    7.Richard Branson
    8.Waleed Aly
    9.Tom Petty
    10.Angela Merkel

  28. Napoleon Hill
    Albert Einstein
    Warren Buffet
    My Mother
    My Father
    My Wife
    Richard Branson
    Lee Iacocca
    Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

  29. It is a really fun and useful game. It’s all very new and exciting for me. I would like to nominate these members to my Virtual Board: myself, pessimist friend, optimist friend, pessimist enemy, optimist enemy, a judge, a tax inspector, a playboy, my parents, my sister, my wife, my children and the God.

  30. I would appoint:
    1. Barron (style & grooming)
    2. Doug (another opinion)
    3. Anthony (mental message)
    4. Michael (vaticanology)
    5. John (health & fitness)
    6. Daniel (philosophy)
    7. DC (spiritual exploration)
    8. Brian (legal)
    9. Jim (philosphy)
    10. Neil (possibility)

  31. – Leonardo da Vinci
    – Kevin Sheedy
    – Hugh Jackman
    – Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    – My Family
    – Rebel Wilson
    – Sir John Monash
    – Genrich Altshuller
    – J.K. Rowling
    – Sergey Brin

  32. 1.Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    2.Naom Chomsky
    3.Michael Mosley
    4.David Simon
    5.Bernie Sanders
    6.Tim Minchin
    7.Richard Branson
    8.Waleed Aly
    9.Ric Charlesworth
    10.Yanis Varoufakis

  33. eveSteve Jobs
    Mahatma Gandi
    King Solomon
    Albert Einstein
    Michael Hewitt Gleeson
    Bill Gates
    J.K. Rowling
    Oprah Winfrey
    Michael Jordan
    Nelson Mandela

  34. in my virtual board i would choose :
    *Anybody who can ask me good cognitive questions;
    *Anybody who can show me my mistakes;
    *Anybody who can correct me when I am wrong;
    *Anybody who can help me to change my bad moods;
    *Anybody who can help me to creat a better BVS;
    *Anybody who can help me to learn more about my self.

  35. I would appoint in my virtual board:

    1. Yong Afable who is a great thinker and a colleague of mine
    2. Scott Atran for his work on violent religious extremism
    3. Steve Jobs
    4. Pedro Arrupe
    5. Venancio Calpotura

  36. In real life: my wife and my daughter for they’re way more clever than I am.

    In my mind:
    Leonardo for his extended view of knoweldge,
    Tesla for his imagination and altruism,
    Shakespeare for his ability to create words and stories,
    Socrates for his questioning ability,
    Voltaire for his dissident view on current systems,
    Twain for his irreverent view of our world,
    Kierkegaard for bringing the spiritual in everything we do,
    Martin Luther King for his passion and convictions,
    Aurelius for his nature wisdom,
    A young person with the aspiration to change the world.

  37. Ray Dalio
    Stephen Fry
    Satoshi Nakamoto
    Viktor Frankel
    Emmeline Pankhurst
    Zou Qunfei
    Christopher Hitchens
    Keith Richards

  38. Par ordre alphabétique
    Marie Curie
    Adélaïde de Flahaut (puis Madame de Souza)
    Umberto Eco
    Caleb Gattegno
    Nelson Mandela
    Marco Meirovitz
    Fernand Raynaud
    Paul Watzlawick

  39. Chair: Angela Murkel
    Minister for arts: Leonardo Da Vinci
    Minister for technology: Thomas Edison
    Minister for war: Winston Churchill
    Minister for peace and love: His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    Minister for optimism: Martin Seligman
    Minister for understanding: Oliver Sachs
    Minister for world health: Bill Gates

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