Membership in School of Thinking

If I were asked to show the main benefit of membership in the School of Thinking it would be value through virtuosity. SOT Members become more valuable as they become more skilled problem-solvers and thought-leaders.

Because of their virtuosity as trained thinkers SOT Members increase their value. They increase their value as talent in their careers. They increase their value to their employers. They increase their value in the relationships they share with colleagues and teammates.


Value Through Virtuosity


At School of Thinking we teach lateral (x10) thinking … as a skill.

SOT is 100% online and smartphone-friendly. Anywhere. Anytime.

School Fees

School Fees are $100 per annum. Or, $10 payable monthly. All-inclusive: Daily Lessons. Weekly Masterclasses. Quarterly Diploma semesters. Annual Conferences.

Trained Thinkers

There are many rewards and benefits for highly skilled x10 Thinkers: not only can you make better decisions regarding your wealth, health, productivity and personal security but x10 Thinking skills will also help you to:

  • Be more mindful of opportunities
  • Be resilient and better at solving problems
  • Enjoy making much better decisions
  • Be more effective at planning ahead
  • Get much better measurable results in life
  • Be more interesting to other thinkers
  • Find it easier to be innovative and creative
  • Be a more disruptive thinker adapting to changes in circumstances
  • Get more things done with much less stress
  • Enjoy greater mindfulness and worry less
  • Own a basis for a higher communication with others
  • See information in new and more useful ways
  • Learn the skill of x10 Thinking
  • Generate better and better alternatives
  • Raise the level of every other thought-based skill you possess
  • Apply these new skills to your career, personal and family life.