Top Ten Sleep-killers …

The basic brain software taught by SOT which can be stated in ten keystrokes as cvsx10=bvs/ and was once described by Jack Welch of GE as “the simplest idea in the world”.

You can download the book by clicking here.

Business people use cvsx10=bvs/ to solve business problems instead of losing sleep.

Here are the top ten issues that business leaders are saying keep them awake at night …

– “the constant pressure to meet and beat my quarterly targets”

– “how to balance my work pressures with the needs of my family and my health?”

– “how can I recruit smarter, more productive people?”

– “I’m losing good people. How can I keep them from leaving?”

– “I need to develop a lot more leaders in our enterprise”

– “to better manage a much more competitive culture”

– “we need to find a more effective communications strategy”

– “our metrics are not up to scratch. How to better analyse sales and KPIs”

– “I worry about whether our security is OK”

– “how to ensure the survival and succession of my business”

Today’s Big Question:

What kept YOU awake last night? (Post your answer below)

50 thoughts on “Top Ten Sleep-killers …

  1. Nothing – I slept easily. My checklist of things completed to date is exceptional! The last most pressing item on that list was to return my son to varsity – this is his second year and he moved into a flat with 4 of his mates. This year is looking up to be a fantastic one – work projects are on target, house renovations beginning March. bring it on!!!

  2. luckily my 11 month old daughter kept me awake. Now that i have her all business matters seem less relevant. after a stressful day all i need to is come home make her laugh and my world takes a different perspective. Business problems take a back seat and can be worried about at work.

  3. Being able to ensure we meet our deadlines and keep our clients satisfied in what we are delivering to them.

  4. Even when I have worries, I tend to sleep well at night. I guess a lot has to do with my meditation practice, which, in the long run, aims to bring me a deep state of well being in spite of what I must face in daily life.

  5. what kept me awake was an important but slightly complicated project proposal I was to deliver today. Also the thought of one recalcitrant and ill-motivated employee did bother me.

  6. If I’ve got an important idea in my mind, I want to be sure I take some action on it. I write everything down – the pros and cons – then I go to sleep on it much easier – and wake up in the morning raring to go and improve on the ideas! if i don’t have a good sleep, my day takes on a different turn. I would go to bed at 11 and wake 5:30, i work best in the mornings and i don’t let problems or situation keep me from sleep and resting, thinking and worrying way into the night would only make it worse.

  7. I dont lie awake at night sleeping helps me fix the challenges I face as I only have challenging experiances not problems every experiance is a good one live every day as if it is your last.

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