Top Ten Sleep-killers …

The basic brain software taught by SOT which can be stated in ten keystrokes as cvsx10=bvs/ and was once described by Jack Welch of GE as “the simplest idea in the world”.

You can download the book by clicking here.

Business people use cvsx10=bvs/ to solve business problems instead of losing sleep.

Here are the top ten issues that business leaders are saying keep them awake at night …

– “the constant pressure to meet and beat my quarterly targets”

– “how to balance my work pressures with the needs of my family and my health?”

– “how can I recruit smarter, more productive people?”

– “I’m losing good people. How can I keep them from leaving?”

– “I need to develop a lot more leaders in our enterprise”

– “to better manage a much more competitive culture”

– “we need to find a more effective communications strategy”

– “our metrics are not up to scratch. How to better analyse sales and KPIs”

– “I worry about whether our security is OK”

– “how to ensure the survival and succession of my business”

Today’s Big Question:

What kept YOU awake last night? (Post your answer below)

50 thoughts on “Top Ten Sleep-killers …

  1. Will I ever have enough money to be comfortable in retirement or will I have to work seven years after I’m dead.

  2. Nothing. Although I didn’t fall asleep last night, so much as passed out. A long and productive day at work followed by great sex is the perfect combination to a sound and dreamless sleep.

  3. i actually slept very well and usually do. i worry more during the day if I sense something is not quite right and I should do something about it

  4. Nothing.Practice non-denominational meditation so your “monkey” mind doesn’t jump from tree-to-tree.

  5. Usually its those things which we are unable to handle it properly on that particular day. There are various reasons for that, ranging from deadlines, lack of knowledge, lack of manpower, lack of listeners. Adding to this we always personal /family issues. Not easy to empty our thoughts before sleeping, hence we use various ‘fast’ remedy like watching movies, TV, taking pills, drink alchol, but they all temperory solution and then we get addicted to them. The solution for this not easy but can be done. ‘Past experience’ (the one which we are unable to solve) has a habit of coming in various forms in different period we need to indentify and handle it differently. It will keep on coming till we solve it.

  6. Most nights, i say a little thanks for all of my current challenges, and turn over sleep deeply. Good sleep is pure gold without it all basic problems are more difficult to face. If i have major problems i right them down put in a box and ask my creative mind to work on it while i sleep. It works.

  7. I tend to be wakeful, but is because i enjoy my own time searching the interwebs, following my interesting leads and sleep when am fulfilled.
    Then sleep well generally. I can wake up through the night like a switch, but no apparent concerns, believe more physical responses to altered times of season changes.

  8. Last night I was too much worried about my upcomming I guess this is what disturbed my sleep.

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