TISOT Application

School of Thinking Instructor training (TISOT) is not for everyone. I say this in the same way that we can say, in the military, that Green Beret, Navy Seals or Special Air Service training is not for everyone. It is elite.

Elite is not a bad word, it’s an aspirational one. – Aaron Sorkin

Only an elite few, compared to the many, are qualified for this training. The eliteness is not due to socio-economic, educational or any other factors. No. The training is elite because only the elite few have the self-motivation, self-esteem and self-discipline to start and finish this 10-month, daily program. It requires sustained commitment. Vision. Ambition. Energy. Curiosity. Risk-taking. And, the personal virtue of making and keeping a promise.

In return, the successful applicant will receive a matching commitment of superior education, sustained training and personal mentoring. This mutual commitment is a real promise to be kept.

The purpose of this rigorous and thoughtful application sequence is to give you time to think and to sort out those who can keep their promise from those who may be interested but are not seriously committed.

We don’t want to admit those who are thrilled for a month and then wilt away. There are already plenty of programs around for the dilettante, the tyre-kicker or the opt-in-opt-out-merchant. But there is no room for them in TISOT Training.

The style of TISOT training is QRH. The balance between Quality, Recognition and Humour. TISOT training is a unique curated experience for a limited number of people in each intake. For those who are admitted there is the promise of x10 results! And an exciting journey with a lot of fun and opportunity.

For admittance, there are three next steps:

  1. TISOT Notes: Make sure that the content of this training is for you. To summarise, TISOT Training is THINK + SELL = LEAD. The training has two parallel streams: x10 Selling and x10 Thinking. Whether your own interest is commercial, social, life or service to others, being able to think outside the square and being able to sell and communicate your ideas to others are the joint faculties of leadership. Take the time to read the TISOT Notes which summarise the x10 Toolkit. Read these notes several times and really think about these x10 tools and what it will mean in your life to be skilled at their application towards your goals and aspirations. The time you spend in this preparation will be a valuable investment.

  2. Then, if you would like to be considered for TISOT Training, please email me directly and give ten reasons (essay form or bullet points) why you think you will benefit and how you plan to approach this training and why you believe you will sustain your commitment for ten months. Take your time with this and enjoy the thinking required to articulate your desired future. You may wish to discuss your business or career aspirations and how you feel this training can accelerate your progress. You may have a social project and you need help to achieve results. You may want to find greater happiness and fulfilment in life in solving problems. You may want to be more competent and useful in serving others. Here are some of the proven benefits of TISOT Training.

  3. You will receive a personal response to your application. If successful, you will be admitted to the next Intake and issued an invoice for payment of the TISOT Tuition Fees of AUD$1000. This fee covers all training for four semesters totalling ten months. Take the time to read the TISOT Notes which summarise the training content.

With very best wishes for your happiness and success and I look forward to mentoring your x10 progress,