TISOT Thinking – Introduction

Why “thinking instructors”?

In 1979, Edward de Bono wrote from London to me in New York about my idea: to train thinking instructors around the world.

Edward was excited about my idea of focusing on ‘thinking instructors’ not just on trainees. He agreed that training instructors would produce a higher level of skill and greater motivation. Also, because instructors are replicators this would also have a greater spread effect and assist in the SOT mission: to teach thinking as a skill around the world.

Edward wrote,  “Your idea of training thinking instructors is brilliant” . So, we co-founded the School of Thinking on November 17, 1979.

TISOT Thinking

TISOT Thinking is the training I give to SOT Thinking Instructors. It includes powerful and effective train-the-trainer principles I learned in the Australian Army.

Many of the TISOT lessons are the same as the basic SOT. However, they are repeated from the instructor’s viewpoint.

Each repetition produces a higher level of training. Learning by teaching. When the instructor explains a lesson to another she must first learn to explain it to herself. And, of course, the higher level of training produces a higher level of thinking.

SDNT – Start – D0 – Notice – Think.

Getting started is the magic moment. Flipping the switch from OFF to ON! So, this is your first lesson in TISOT Thinking and the rest will follow.


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