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  1. What else do I need to think about? Wow! Soooo…many things. No matter what they specifically are the best place to get MOVEMENT through information is by far, Google. Just type it in and then the movement starts. It’s a beautiful thing. Try it. Take some things from your list a couple lessons back and type the word(s) into Google. Pop! You have a BVS. Pop! There’s another one. I found the SOT this way by searching for stuff on Critical Thinking. Pop! There goes another one. As the Brits say, “Brill”.

  2. I need to think about prioritising my day to get the best out of it. However a day doesn’t always go as planned and a fluid mind is needed to stay at the level of acceptance of sudden change and the challenges which come with change certainly gives me other things to think about.

  3. What do I need to think about? I need to think about my Purpose,the actual reason why I am who I am. And 10x the thought by questioning what achievement I have attained thus far? This thought holds me within the square box and Ultimately determine my next action or work plan.

  4. In thinking about whether or not to stay in a relationship, I should try to use whatever means I have. I should use my own experiences, the advice of others, forums, TV shows, and anything else that can come to bear on the situation. I can also use CORT tools, analogies, thought experiments, etc. to have a more complete picture with which to decide.

  5. I enjoy reading the postings of others. They make me think. One thought that occurred however when considering this question was how many of us focus on a / the destination, rather than the journey. I am naturally a destination thinker who needs to remind himself to think about the journey. Notice how I feel at this moment. Appreciate what I have. Live in the moment. That’s what I need to think about.

  6. I need to think more about working out where to put my focus and really clearly defining my goals. I can get movement through this information by talking to people who are really good at this and also by trying different approaches until I find one that really works for me.

  7. I had a tarot reading on the weekend, so that I could do exactly this – THINK about the options in front of me, discuss them with a completely impartial person and evaluate the options so I could get movement.

    Discussing issues with impartial people (and these are hard to find) often gives me the much needed thoughts and answers to my own problems. Finding a listener encourages me to find my own “next steps” or movement.

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