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  1. I need to think about movement.
    I also need to think about a bvs.
    Seek more information or knowledge that can improve your view

  2. I need to think about different solutions to approach a task or issue to understand the best way to get it achieved.

  3. Don’t get stuck in a rut…try something new….a new direction…a new purpose…create a new goal

  4. It all comes down to positivity and fluidity. Always be moving in a positive direction, even if it’s backward, just don’t stand still.dont try hard, try easy but keep trying.

  5. thinking about the current situation and analysing where I am now…….. and then look for a better way of operating or doing things , that`s what I need to think about constantly

  6. I need to think about the staff and see where they are at with their attitudes and get them to change their mentality which has come from the quite period of the holiday season.
    can I get them to buy in on where we want to get to and how we are going to get to it

  7. Brainstorm – Prioritise – Delegate/Action – Follow-up.
    Look for leads from each point of the process for opportunities.

  8. I need to think about taking some action. As per previous almost any action is better than no action.
    If the action does not produce the desired result take another action.

  9. I need to think about a lot of things, all the time.
    Gather more info on the issue in order to gain a BVS so I can continually improve on things.

  10. I need to think more about different angles and ways to come out with a new outcome that will achieve more than our target and give us a BVS

  11. Consider all possibilities and seek opinion rather than use only evidence that merely supports your initial POV. Trying to think about and identify consequences and outcomes to as many actions as you can before making decisions and taking action.

  12. What do I need to think about? Its the visual thing for me…. I need to be able to visualise thought, it needs to almost be a mathematical equation for me, if it does not add up to the vision that is presented before me then the likelihood of an idea becoming reality is less.
    I also need to think about the questions I am asking to try and get as close to the vision as possible to the person who is sharing their idea with me, so that we can use and improve on it.
    I can normally get movement through an idea/thought by seeking information, engaging in the topic or person who I am talking to, which gives the ability to listen better, and put forward responses and consider all options.

  13. BVS = being hungry for stimulus. Whether it comes from visual explorations or from verbal inquisitions (consulting with your team or the client directly), movement requires the act of doing! You need to seek out an understanding to gain knowledge of the perspective, drivers and goals of your clients.

  14. Empathy…… Put yourself in the other persons shoes and try to think from their perspective . This should give you a fair bit to think about and hopefully create some movement .

  15. I need to think about close things to understand them clearly..then think about all estimations as far as passiple reach and catch them one by one making movement disrable and voluntary as a race with the time

  16. Think about as many customers’ requests for the new work about to come in and about the tasks these will lead to.
    Advise managers and colleagues and staff of these. Ask for opinions and their better ways of doing things. Listen to them. Repeat these to them and get consensus then implement their ideas.

  17. What stops my mind, what narrows my focus and has me doing the routine thing and not questioning why it is the routine thing.

  18. Thinking needs to delve into ways for an organisation to keep moving forward. Try doing an everyday task differently, ask someone from outside your team for their thoughts on a problem, change your day around.

  19. I need to be more aware of my thinking as it’s erratic and at times counterproductive. I need to think about the task at hand and recognise when to allow my time to wander. My movement of thinking needs to be more structured.

  20. I need to be conscious not to over think. I need to think about the way I think and ensure that I think productively and about the task at hand. By focusing and not moving too far down the track, I should be able to create movement

  21. be more aware of my surroundings and the effect my decision could potentially have on other people.

  22. How can we do it better. Look at everything we do in a different way. Gather a lot of feedback, trial new initiatives and take the best of each trial.

  23. I need to think about priorities. Think about how to cut out the noise and time wasters

    I think a way to get movement is to be motivated and inspired by the different outcomes that are possible if you out some effort into the process.

  24. I need to think about thinking. Every morning on my daily walks. Think about thinking and then think about thinking some more. Thoughts, notes, actions, review.

  25. Think – Note – Action – Review your action at the end of the Day … so for the next day u add some positive aspect to your thinking ..

  26. I need to think about how to get more done on the important things.
    I need to think about the image I will project.

    Get movement by setting daily priorities.

  27. I think that I should think about not overloading my brain. I always feel that I should know everything, be on top of everything. But doing so is exhausting. I need to know when to stop.

  28. I need to think about how to think about how to get more productive.
    What else? How to select my goals.

    Do a start list and list 11 course of action to be completed in 10 mins. Then randomly select a number between 1 and 11 and apply the answer as the basis for my action.

  29. I need to think more about the details and make sure that the rest of the team understands the importance of this.I need to keep focusing on the strides that we are making through each small positive change.

  30. How can I generate movement?

    Take any game, chess say. Get an overview of Stanford’s MOOC on ‘General Game Playing’. How do the ideas discussed in the MOOC apply to chess? Ideas such as heuristic search, statistical methods, propositional nets, domain and logic. Think about these concepts & see what my mind is able to ‘harvest’.

  31. I need a mind map with arrows showing direction and connection between my thoughts, and numbers to show priorities.

  32. What can be learned from a belief?
    This notion of belief is reflected in geocentrism. A belief I noticed is a frame that filters.
    Hypothesis spawns heliocentrism. A hypothesis allows movement of the frame such as adjusting the syntax to further borden the perspective.
    Maybe problem is defined as frame which means the current view of the situation filters out movement and possibilities.
    Assumption of External Hierarchical Command Structure can be viewed as a frame.
    When a Assumption of Hierarchical Command Structure is allowed to control the frame I propose we have a narrowing of the individual’s scope being delegated through belief and hypothesis is discouraged.

  33. Right now I’m thinking about how I can become more effective in my newish work role. I love the idea of movement… It made me think about basketball– a fast and exciting game. One message there is ‘move to the ball’… In other words don’t stand still and wait for the ball to come to you… See it… Run towards it and engage…. It creates opportunities… I like the metaphor and can see it applies to thinking – movement and engagement brings you to the idea.

  34. How can I create movement in both myself and my staff. I am concerned that I have too many people to be able to create valuable movement in them and also myself. I simply do not have enough capacity to think for myself and so many others. I need to change this. The next steps have to be about getting more movement out of myself. Not just hanging on for grim death. This is what I need to think about.

  35. It’s amazing how the concepts are setting down little by little and becomes yours. It’s all about “movement” it doesn’t matter the direction…

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