350 thoughts on “#019 THINK

  1. I need to think about my ultimate goal for my career [which is to open my own office]. I also need to think about taking on this task in small steps. This lessens my anxiety and I feel encourage to take action on those small steps that will move me towards my ultimate goal.

  2. I need to think about the future. I need to be prepared to make changes to my lifestyle which will have the effect of having changes on other people. I need to take responsibility for affecting other peoples lives. If you are embracing change this creates movement.

  3. I need to think about what will motivate me to act. As stated previously “when in doubt do something”. Some people think instead of acting.

  4. I need to think about my priorities. I need to also think about my families priorities and where we are aligned or not aligned. For example, how much do I want to be working vs how much time should I focus on my family?Businesses say they care about their employees work/life balance, but this is BS. Really they only care about what you have achieved for them.

  5. I’m working my way through the bugs that always come up when you’re building something new. Dev is always changing as new devices and new versions of the basic tools arise. When I get stuck I do something else, from grunt work to graphics design, from playing a game to cooking dinner. Usually I get an idea about how to take a new approach to move the situation by the time I’m done. Occasionally I have to sleep on it.

  6. I need to think about the questions I am asking myself. I need to imagine a guardian is standing at the front of my mind keeping out lousy questions and only letting in good quality questions. I can get movement from this by deliberetly creating a list of good questions that I can ask myself when I need to escape from my current questions. For example, what can I learn from this? did I give my all? if I didn’t give my all, what can I do better next time?

  7. I need to think about the checks towards the BVS, the hypotheses being tested, what I will measure and how quickly I can get started.

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