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  1. How can educators who teach in primary school be equipped well enough for transformative teaching in rural subsaharan Africa.

    What will have to happen for rural primary school students to have enthusiasm towards technology driven learning material?

    I’m writing down all my thoughts on these issues and then share with others so that I can tap into their BVSs

  2. The specific actions I can take to be more effective, potential and actual responses and how I can adjust my actions accordingly.

  3. lots of thoughts to chanel into whats important.
    What moment do i want to have next ?
    Need to think about the long haul……. set it up is the movement

  4. I need to think about where the world is headed and where I fit in. I get my movement by creating my own place in it and forging forward.

  5. I need to think about space. The space available to me in life. I also need to think about how I want to use that space. Whether I want some of it as a retreat; some as a recharging station; a launching pad; a space to connect with others. I need to think about how to become more aware of it and use it wisely.

  6. I need to think about my priorities. I need to create personal goals and time frames to achieve these goals in.

  7. think & act irrespective of the right or wrong. There is no indicator of right – inspiring to act in any which way to create a movement

  8. I need to think about the example I show to others. I need to then think about how this will impact the team.

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