THINK DARWIN: Raise your darwinian intelligence

“Nearly all of business education–even at postgraduate level–may be misguided, even misleading. In my experience, business education is faithfully based on a false premise–that the problem of business is growth. When, in fact, the problem of business is survival.

Most business leaders may be spending their time and energy on solving the wrong problem. Yes, of course, growth is critical in business but the MAIN PROBLEM is that most businesses fail to survive long enough to grow!”

Since Darwin explained the reasons 150 years ago, we know that it’s not the strongest or the largest that survive but it’s those best prepared to cope with change.

On this BIG PROBLEM of survival, most business executives are shockingly ignorant and deplete in their formal education. They lack sufficient darwinian intelligence.They know little or nothing useful about the science of strategic darwinian thinking.

They venture forth naked and ill-equipped in their approach to the chaos of the marketplace–the whirling, howling, cacophonous wilderness of the global marketplace with its ferocious fads, toxic wastes, and vicious moods, its callous explosions and cruel extinctions putting capricious end to the blind and righteous rivalry across pointless medieval double-entry boardrooms.

Extravagant expenditures of directors’ time and energy are squandered on the talmudic reading of balance-sheets and P&Ls, like the obsessive pre-scientific study of entrails, when less than one director in a hundred could give an intelligent, educated account of what strategy it would take for their business to survive in the fast-changing environment of the next decade.

Experiment: Ask any director you know to demonstrate their strategic understanding of Darwin’s Theory and to show how s/he uses that knowledge to safeguard the future of the company in the faster-changing environment of the marketplace. If you get a clear, articulate response it will be a surprise.

Is there any business school in Australia that insists their graduates understand the strategic business application of the darwinian imperative? Are there any of the endless ‘case studies’ churned out by business schools devoted to darwinian business strategy?

Do let me know if you find one.

Think Darwin! Raise your darwinian intelligence.

Meanwhile, as part of the ADVANCED LEADERSHIP TRAINING I’ve added a new module to help raise your darwinian intelligence, your ability to survive and grow in rapidly changing environments. It’s called: Think Darwin! It consists of an additional ten lessons designed so that anyone can understand, get their head around and then harness the amazing power of Darwin’s Theory in their daily life, career and business.

For example, what do you know about ‘memes‘?

If you’re in management, marketing, media, or HR/training memes are a must. You’ll become very up-to-date with them on this course. Darwin’s Theory is widely regarded as the most powerful theory in all of science!

— You can apply for the training by clicking here.  These lessons were first published in my book

The X10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten!  (Prentice Hall 2000).


27 thoughts on “THINK DARWIN: Raise your darwinian intelligence

  1. To go from here to there takes 2000 steps. I am on the 1999 steps. Already. By the time I reach step 1 I´ll be an evolved being. Its the law of nature and of business. To reach the 2000 steps you gotta survive. Sure. Nonethless, if one just think the purpose of a business is to survive; one might have a cloudy vision of what growth is all about. If one takes only a surival view of things that is PTV, which equals to clinging to the staus quo. No creativity, no innovation, no growth, no profit increases. That is why many in government are slow thinkers. Why bother with… It´s SURVIVAL to KEEP on the STATUOS QUO. A Darwinian thinker would never do that.

  2. What can i do 2 excel academically.cos i’m 2 dumb in my studies.i need a hint about what 2 do.

  3. I agree that survival is the most primary of requirements in any endeavour – a game, job or business venture. With regard to failure maybe it occurs because the person on the tiller is trying to make the boat go in a preplanned direction rather than reading the current or is it that the current should be ignored and the boat headed for the other bank no matter what. Darwin theory should surely say that the current must be monitored as the expense of the direction of the boat.

  4. As a marketing and advertising person we always strive to grow along with the changes in the market place. Most products on the shelves are striving to compete and those succed that meet the growing need of the changes in demand and consumer behaviour

  5. As a business leader, you always think how to survive the business. I say even if you can’t stand up, that you can kneeing that is better than die. This is my philosophy.

  6. “…each species was seen as a separate direct line of member creatures originating from the first of its kind which was created personally by GOD.”

    I find beliefs really interesting. I am interested in truth. I feel that truth is in the understanding of the believer ie essentially we choose the story or stories that best suit us. Our “thinking” or “believing” evolves each time we find a way to prove a different story. We then create a different “breed” almost ie Christians – Anglicans, Catholics, Baptists – Muslims and all that communities variations etc as a small example. Evolution of ideas seems to be where we are at in our world today.

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