What is x10 Business Thinking?

The x10 System is available for CEOs of American F500s and Australian Blue Chips.

– x10 means multiply your business by ten!

– x10 Business Thinking is the simplest system for creating value across the enterprise.

– A business can become licensed to use the x10 Enterprise System for 12 months.

– The x10 System is simpler, faster and far less costly than any current system.

– The x10 System creates much more value than the current system. Ten times more!

The x10 Business Thinking system creates value through three business relationships:

In the x10 Business, all participants in each of the three collaborating relationships are cognitively engaged to use x10 Business Thinking to create value and multiply their business by ten.

What exactly is their business in the x10 enterprise?

Q What is the customer’s business?
A The business of the customer is to buy and tell (others by Word Of Mouth).

Q What is the employee’s business?
A The business of the employee is to make decisions every day to save a dollar or to make a dollar (working alone and in a local group).

Q What is the supervisor’s business?
A The business of the supervisor is to raise the quality and the quantity of decisions in the local group.

Q What is the leader’s business?
A The business of the leader is to provide problem-solving missions to local groups and to provide much better plans of execution.

Q What is the CEO’s business?
A The business of the CEO is to multiply the business by ten (by prioritising problems and opportunities for creating value; so allocating capital and leadership accountability).

Q What is the shareholder’s business?
A The business of the shareholder is to provide and grow capital (through investment, return on investment and re-investment).

In general, all daily business decisions made in F500 companies and Australian Blue Chips can be judged as either Good x10 Business Thinking or Bad x10 Business Thinking. The idea is to increase the first and reduce the second.

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