The Story of Sue the SISOT

June 01, 2020.

Sue has been a Senior Instructor with the School of Thinking (SISOT) for a year now.

She loves her part-time SOT career, she has a passion for teaching thinking and working with her portfolio of ten clients who are local school Principals and small business owners and CEOs.

Sue also supports a group of ten Thinking Instructors (also a mix of school teachers and business people).

Sue the SISOT also received a part-time income of $18,000 in 2019. Sue is now more mindful and looking forward to her well-earned overseas holiday with her family.

It all started when Sue, a secondary school-teacher, first opted-in for SOT membership in February 2019 when she received an invitation from her own Principal.

Her Principal, Tom, subscribed his school as an SOT client in January 2019 and pays annual subscription fees of $1800.

This was the Principal’s offer from SOT: Subscribe. Invite. Learn.

Like the others at her school, Sue enjoys getting the daily SOT lessons on her smartphone which help her grow not only at school but also at home with her family. She likes to wombat the school to her friends.

After 6 months Sue did further training and qualified as a Thinking Instructor (TISOT).

This was the part-time income offer from SOT: Learn. Invite. Earn.

She was helped to develop her own portfolio of ten clients (Principals and CEOs) and she still calls them monthly to assist them with their SOT invitation campaigns and keeps her relationship with her clients active and valuable.

As TISOT, Sue receives 50% of her 10 clients’ annual subscription fees as a Customer Service Fee giving her $9000 pa ($1800 x 10 / 50%).

Because of her diligent monthly Customer Service calls nearly all of her clients renewed their subscriptions at the end of their first year.

In June 2019 Sue was keen to become a Senior Instructor and, as part of her advanced training, she was trained to support a group of ten TISOTs.

Each of Sue’s TISOTs received Customer Service Fees of $9000 for the year for their Portfolio of Ten clients.

In addition to her own Portfolio Fee of $9000 Sue also received a Support Fee of 10% on each of her TISOTs which was another $9000 pa (10% of $9000 x10).

As SISOT, this gives her a solid part-time income totaling $18,000 for 2019.

As a part of the globally expanding SOT, SISOT Sue has lots of prospects for her future beyond 2020.



TISOT SUE earns $9000 pa (50% of $1800 x10)

SISOT SUE earns $9000 pa (10% of $9000 x10)

TOTAL SUE earns $18,000 pa.