The Book. The Training. The Income.

The Book. It’s a fastbook. It’s designed for a quick read. Although it’s only 54 pages it’s been called priceless.

You can get your copy from an SOT Member. The Book costs AUD$48.00 per copy.

The Training

With each book you can enrol, for no fee, in the School of Thinking. You can do The Training (click here).

You can do the 10 lessons on any screen, even your smartphone. It’s not easy. It’s not for everyone but anyone is welcome.

Earn While You Learn

1. Buy The Book

Join the School of Thinking.

2. Do The Training

Learn x10 Thinking. No fees.

Get your Certificate.

3. Sell The Book

Earn a part-time income while you learn x10 Thinking. Basic income @ $24ph plus extras.