Your DFQ #09:

TENPOWER: The Powers of Ten – How can I  X10 this?

Pick a CVS today and ask yourself: How can I multiply this by ten?

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  1. Well I would say my BVS “Take control of…” is easily 10x more attractive than “get your … supplies here”. I am going to think about how to implement this, beyond my blog post of yesterday.

    So far, this course has been helpful in prompting this idea. Go x10 thinking!

  2. My cvs2bvs x 10 is target to get lathe machine and radial drill machine to booster my engineering shop.

  3. By this, i can only have a BVS when I am able to convince myself that there was, or there still is a hurdle, but this hurdle had been overshadowed by a main point

  4. With the company I am working with today, I believe we need to have at least 10X more proposals out to new prospective clients than we do today

  5. Today is the day free of tasks.
    CSV – nothing to make out.
    BVS – consider which tasks to create for going forward.

  6. What if the CVS is about lack of profit in a business – the BVS would be 10 x the profit but the “How I get there” is still unknown.

  7. It’s a good concept and I can see how the 10 figure is used but what if you want to be happier? How do you become 10 times happier? How do you measure this? Wealth, productivity etc can be multiplied by ten by some intangible goals will be difficult to measure, I’m happy to use the BVS instead of x 10.

  8. I can X10 the number of challenging questions I ask. Questions that moves the team’s frame of mind into different possible solution spaces. Hopefully, the solution space broadens enough that the team can escape somewhat from their current view.

  9. I can increase my well being to 10 times today by counting blessings and listing atleast 1-15 things that I am thankful for.

  10. Ten ways I can improve my results
    1. Clearly, define and understand my CVS
    2. Clearly, define and understand my desired BVS
    3. Decide ways of moving from my CVS to BVS
    4. Write down the paths of moving from CVS to BVS
    5. Prioritize the paths from most doable to least doable
    6. Pick the best path to my BVS
    7. Decide on how I can multiply that BVS by 10
    8. Decide on list of actions that will give me my new BVS
    9. Write down the actions from most doable to least doable
    10. Pick the most appropriate action and implement that

  11. I tried to get beyond a narrow view on the situation and began to develop a holistic understanding, i dealt with the situation like an outer observer does. I kept my self away from considering usual common sense, determined all things that could be done, then I traced out some practical connections between those things (×10) , that was to get a new innovative picture of the situation (BVS).

  12. CVS = 8 hours in a day, I can improve my output by 25% by working 10 hours a day instead (minimal impact on my company’s output).
    BVS = Delegating appropriate jobs AND motivating those team members (and all other team members) can increase my output of important tasks AND have a meaningful impact on the company’s output. X10!

    I feel like I’m OK at delegating, but my motivating could be improved. Off to see if I can motivate someone! Hopefully I don’t do the opposite…

  13. Totally have to agree with Aidans comment. I know I suck at delegating. Perhaps I feel that sometimes it’s just easier if I do the task, that way I have complete control over the task and I know I can complete it with the efficiency and quality required. But this can be a bottle neck and my bvs is to delegate the tasks and train 10 others to do the task as efficiently and to the same level of quality. This way there is an overall improvement in both quality and efficiency.

  14. As a Team Leader in my work for promoting peace and justice, I sense that my current power is 1. It is not optimized. The people I work with, the projects I begin and lead, the new contacts, the new ideas are not generated well. It is 1. I want to increase my current work power to x10. I want it x10 in terms of projects, in terms of new ideas, in terms of speed.

  15. We’re aiming to reach 50k members and we’re currently at less than 3k. Our current business strategy will get us there in 4 years. What is the bvs to get there in 2 years? in 1 year? Is there one massive strategic change we need to do or do we implement dozens or small to mid-size changes? Do we increase the product line or focus on fewer products and market the hell out of them. We can see the bvs but the road to get there is still a tad elusive.

  16. The association I am working on diffuses a very effective pedagogical approach and my objective is that this approach be recognized and practiced in our National Education, the mammoth as one of the many ministers who have rubbed at it. Rather than concentrating all efforts on teachers, one of our think-tanks is now to let parents know that their children are perfectly able to carry out the basic learning (literacy and numeracy) easily, with pleasure and durably. which can then build up gratifying school curricula.


    L’association dont je m’occupe diffuse une approche pédagogique très efficace et mon objectif est que cette approche soit reconnue et pratiquée dans notre Éducation nationale, le mammouth comme a dit en son temps un des très nombreux ministres qui s’y sont frottés. Plutôt que de concentrer tous les efforts vers les enseignants, une de nos directions de réflexion est maintenant de faire aussi savoir aux parents que leurs enfants sont parfaitement capables d’effectuer facilement, avec plaisir et durablement les apprentissages de base (littératie et numératie) sur lesquels peuvent ensuite se construire des cursus scolaires gratifiants.

  17. CVS: Money is scarce, ability to earn is limited so circle the wagons and protect what you have. BVS: Ability to earn is unlimited. Write 10 goals, visualise and commit to raising intellectual awareness.

  18. There is currently nothing in my environment that I can see will yield an x10 improvement. However, the concept is a very good one. A medical story that illustrates this would be the treatment of melanoma. It took years of painstaking bench science to achieve incremental increases in knowledge of the biology of melanoma. Then suddenly an x10 improvement appeared with check point inhibitor immune modifying therapies for melanoma. Now the disease has gone from a 3 month death sentence to a good chance of lifelong cure. This improvement has been very striking. Perhaps sometimes when the x10 jump is not visible, we have to keep working away at our bench gaining more knowledge until the opportunity opens up.

  19. I need to learn Spanish but it’s very difficult [and time consuming] to learn any foreign language. The lack of immersion is one of the main inhibitors. Take this as my CVS. How can I multiply this CVS by 10?.
    1. exploit a chatbot.
    2. what are the common [English] words I use everyday?
    create a list; how many are there? translate words; create sticky notes for Spanish words.

  20. It was good for one to learn from his CVS to BUS in other to be creative,in my CVS I think I had to from my past behaviour of beating people’s brain in other to make batter money and understanding but in my CVS thinking to make a batter change In my previous character for good mails.

  21. I intend to X10 work:
    1. ask the question “how can I ADD VALUE in the so-called Gig economy”?
    2. explore the use cases for Google’s G Suite.
    3. attend ‘Work Reimagined’ seminar offered by Google.

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