Picture of a Stairway to Manhattan

Your DFQ #014:

Using a stairway (or a hill, or a helicopter, or a drone , or a satellite) can help you escape from a tactical view to a strategic view of the situation.

How can you use the STAIRWAY strategy today?

Plan to find a STAIRWAY and post your result.

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  1. Sticking with the family history theme for the moment, I can ask the question where’s a stairway I can use to get a BVS? Google suggests itself. I can use the internet to ‘crowd source’ ideas about the subject of genealogy.
    Starting to search now.

  2. One of my favourite songs is “Up the ladder to the roof” originally recorded by the Supremes in 1970. It was beautifully covered by Bette Midler in the ’80s.
    “Go up the ladder to the roof where we can see heaven much better.
    Go up the ladder to the roof where we can be oh closer to heaven”
    How does one leave the reality of the ground floor behind long enough to elevate his perspective towards the sky? And once he is there, does he look forward, back, across or down, when the better view is obtained? Is it dawn or is it sunset or simply bright midday? Are there clouds gathering?

  3. The stairs run both ways. Do I need a wide-angle or macro? Telescope or microscope? The stair I’m on at the moment provides an excellent view – how do I make it better?

  4. I find that to get a new CVS, from the top of the staircase for example, I like to read or talk with people who are already there. Their CVS challenges mine as it’s higher, more refined and more to the point. I have to keep in mind however that it is their and I still need to define mine (even though I can copy some behaviours, goals, tactics, and processes.)

  5. I have an overview of the development that I want for my association which diffuses a very effective pedagogical approach. However, the ultimate goal is that all or most of the schoolchildren have access to this way of teaching that makes learning easy, enjoyable and lasting, perhaps not necessarily by the current association there will be 40 years in 2018 by today’s well-aged people. There is at the same time a certain urgency and the necessity of taking his time to choose the right paths. Another objective, more personal, is to develop the teaching of reflection (in this respect, France is almost a land of mission) and seen from above the staircase, the two meet.


    J’ai une vue d’ensemble du développement que je souhaite pour mon association qui diffuse une approche pédagogique très efficace. Cependant, l’objectif ultime étant que tous les écoliers ou le plus grand nombre, aient accès à cette façon d’enseigner qui rend les apprentissages faciles, plaisants et durables, peut-être que ça ne passera pas forcément par l’association actuelle fondée il y aura 40 ans en 2018 par des personnes aujourd’hui bien âgées. IL y adonc à la fois une certaine urgence et la nécessité de prendre son temps pour choisir les bons chemins. Un autre objectif, plus personnel, est de développer l’enseignement de la réflexion (à cet égard, la France est quasiment une terre de mission) et vue d’en haut de l’escalier, les deux se rejoignent.

  6. The view from upstairs is different from the view from downstairs. I have always viewed things from the perspective of a frog, whether it be activism, conflict transformation or public education. When I started my own school of thinking I was looking at my work from the point of view of a small, hole-in-the-wall type of operation. But now I want to view my work in teaching thinking from the top – from the point of view of regional as well as national stage. What can be learned? What areas need to be explored? Instead of focusing on the street-level view of teaching thinking, what if I view the work from the strategic, systems view?

  7. I see the stairway as one more opportunity to reverse time. Instead of how can i get where I want to be in 5 years time, I commit to imagining myself 5 years from now – were I want to be, and look back and see how i got there.

  8. My attempt to get closer to a strategic view:
    1- Keep away from considering usual common sense;
    2- Escape from paying attention to side issues and Ask : what is the main point about the situation;
    3- Deal with the situation like an outer observer does, that’s to develop a holistic view;
    4- Determine all things that could be done, then Trace out some practical connections between those things;
    5- Focus on the main task which is necessary to start with, and before taking the first action, always Ask: what’s next? And “what are the benefits of doing so”?
    6- Use “ asking why?” technique
    7- Ask what can improve and provide value;
    8- Use “asking why not”? technique;
    9- Ask other people around for different thoughts;
    10- Use the feedback concept.

  9. I took stairway view by following these 2 things
    1- I thought how/what impact this decision will have 5 years from now. So I took time stairway
    2-I also took a perspective of observing myself and my interaction from 3rd person point of view

  10. Look at the statistics for businesses of the same type as mine to get an idea as to where it is situated in the business milieu

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