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Picture of a Stairway to Manhattan

Your DFQ #014:

Using a stairway (or a hill, or a helicopter, or a drone , or a satellite) can help you escape from a tactical view to a strategic view of the situation.

How can you use the STAIRWAY strategy today?

Plan to find a STAIRWAY and post your result.

460 thoughts on “#14 STAIRWAY

  1. Thinking of stairways in a different light might be to think of it in the context of time. i.e. What do users of our product do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, five yearly, 25 yearly. The further out in time I go I see a different point of view. Considering the principle of superposition, if I look at the wave (data) as a whole it may look chaotic, but if I view the individual cycles, I might see a much clearer view of what is going on.

  2. I wanted to get a better view on how to turn prospects into private clients. So I added to my library, and then read, the book “WOMBAT” selling. The BVS called “newsell” that the customer closes the sale was such a relief. I am now focusing my energies on ways to go from uncheck2check.

  3. write down where you aim to be in a years time. do the same for two -five years. This will force you to look at the big picture. then write down how to get there. even if the path differs from what you plan you will be looking at the big picture

  4. Whilst the talk in my firm has been about adding new clients, I have been asking the question, where can our firm go? What is the broader market opportunity that we could be addressing which we haven’t been, and what sort of new “products” could we develop to extend what we are offering in our services.

  5. When all you can see are the trees, you need to focus on stepping back and thinking about the forest. Work to lift yourself to see the bigger picture.

  6. i am housebound and i don’t have a ladder, plus a website looks the same wherever you look at it from. I have no idea what this means.

  7. Using a stairway alters your views. It gives a higher level perspective. Practically, this could mean using the views of somebody else, or “putting yourself in their shoes” to come up with a bvs.

  8. By climbing the stairways you are at a level higher than the ne the problem is and therefore you look down the problem which gives you more confidence to tackle it

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