Picture of a Stairway to Manhattan

Your DFQ #014:

Using a stairway (or a hill, or a helicopter, or a drone , or a satellite) can help you escape from a tactical view to a strategic view of the situation.

How can you use the STAIRWAY strategy today?

Plan to find a STAIRWAY and post your result.

461 thoughts on “#14 STAIRWAY

  1. Having spent some years now continuing to develop my X10 thinking, I now find the use of “stairways” to almost be immediate in using the CVS2BVS switch. Dependant on the issue/challenge being presented I can quickly move up or down through various levels of abstraction to quickly gain a holistic view of the situation faced and then drill down to the specific viewpoint required to identify the BVS. This BVS can then be used/shared to assist in resolving the issue/challenge within an optimum timeframe. Often once shared my own BVS becomes others CVS that they then use to develop further BVS’s.

    My stairway always takes the form of the sphere where I can move away from or closer to (or even dive underneath the surface if required) analyse the viewpoint and then pivot to a different viewpoint and analyse that. I have found that this thinking enables me assimilate a significant amount of information in a relatively short space of time to quickly determine a next course of action to any given situation. This thinking also works equally well either within my professional or personal life.

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