SISOT THINKING: Senior Instructor SOT.


On 17 November 2009 the School of Thinking celebrated its 30th Birthday! As part of these celebrations we have launched The SISOT Society.

A SISOT is a Senior Instructor SOT.

There will be one SISOT in each postcode/zipcode–eg SISOT Buckhead, GA or SISOT Hobart, SISOT Monte Carlo etc–who will be authorised to host regular meetups and do SOT Consulting for fees.

To be invited into The SISOT Society an SOT member must have completed his/her Thinking Instructors (TISOT) training and have his/her name registered on the SOT Roll of Thinking Instructors.

The SISOT Society is to be the leadership group of the School of Thinking around the world. There are three main rights and responsibilities for members of The SISOT Society.  They are:

1. SISOT Postcode
– SOT will authorise only one SISOT for a postcode (zipcode).
– The SISOT must live or work and have his/her mailing address in the postcode.

2. SISOT Monthly Meetups
– The SISOT will host a meetup in the postcode each month.

3. SISOT Consulting
– SISOT members will be trained and authorised to conduct SOT consulting in their postcode.
– SOT Consulting Fees are AUD$100 per hour.


— If you would like to be considered for a SISOT position you may contact the Principal SOT to apply.

8 thoughts on “SISOT THINKING: Senior Instructor SOT.

  1. It can’t be coincidental that I have a quite a few of Edward De Bono’s books that I originally began reading when I graduated from dental school in1980. Now I see the end of my career and am passing the torch on. ( Slowly that is )
    PRR and what’s next, let’s have a go at it. repeat and spell correctly

  2. Thanks very much Michael.
    All certs received and I appreciate opportunities now being offered to me .
    Best Wishes for an amazing year in 2010
    Graeme McLeod

  3. What the world needs now is indeed more creative and thinking leadership.
    I look forward to participating through the one and only School of Thinking.

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