The Father of x10 Thinking

DOWNLOAD THE x10 BOOK HERE & PASS IT ON: Who is the one person you know who would most benefit from a copy of this x10 book? Pass it on. — Multiply Your Business by 10! In this exciting book, Michael Hewitt-Gleeson introduces a new way to think about business. He describes the x10 … Continue reading The Father of x10 Thinking

Teaching the World to Think – 1979 to 2019

The New Idea of ‘Thinking Instructors’ As an innovator in the new field of cognitive science I am often called ‘the father of x10 Thinking’ because my own original idea was ‘thinking instructors’. My specific idea was: ‘Anyone can learn to think if they have a thinking instructor.’ Today there are over 6 million thinking … Continue reading Teaching the World to Think – 1979 to 2019

The Ten Steps to x10 Thinking

In the mid-80s, when Jack Welch launched GE x10 he said: I would love to have a management team that really understood the cvsx10=bvs equation. Its the value-added role in the management process. At that time GE was a USD35 billion manufacturer of everything from locomotives to light bulbs. By the time Jack left in … Continue reading The Ten Steps to x10 Thinking

Better Plumbers

Reece Employees Never really thought about it before (must mean I was not born with it) Everyone can think, but you need to train it just like every other skill. To me it means that everyone can learn to become better at solving problems by simply applying themselves and continue trying using past experiences, researching … Continue reading Better Plumbers


To celebrate SOTs 30th Anniversary on 17 November, 2009, we started The SISOT Society. Here are the ideas behind the society. SISOT  training is designed to help members of the society to better understand them, to discuss them and to be empowered by these ideas: IDEA #1 – DFQS ARE THE  DRILL If THINKING IS … Continue reading THE SISOT IDEAS

TISOT Notes for the x10 Toolkit

Please read carefully and consider the implications for your own life and career: TISOT Training includes training on the use of the x10 Toolkit. The x10 Toolkit consists of The Ten Tools. Five of these tools are for x10 Selling and five are for x10 Thinking. TISOT notes on the x10 Toolkit are included here: … Continue reading TISOT Notes for the x10 Toolkit