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  1. What I am looking for is to become the best I can be in terms of fulfilling my potential as a Father, husband, friend and Mentor to my Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances which I hope will lead me closer to discovering and understanding my own purpose in life. Without understanding this purpose I cannot at this juncture see how it would be possible to reach my full potential in being able to optimise my positive effect on this world during my lifetime.

    When searching on the phrase ‘Becoming the best I can be’ I was actually surprised at how many results this brought back. Many look of interest and worthy of further investigation to identify any opportunities that may assist in my journey in reaching my goal.

  2. Not every search needs to begin with a clear destination in mind.
    One of my favourite “searches” is to find connections across disciplines – to see opportunities to match one person’s capabilities with another’s needs. This rarely arises from a prospective plan. More often it arises by chance after researching loosely and widely with general curiosity.
    In contrast, when searching specifically, there is a nice challenge to find the right word, phrase or strategy to successfully triangulate onto a concept. Searching a large database can present a challenge to get the query just right to extract the exact subset of information needed.
    But right now, I’m searching for long term security and job satisfaction – perhaps they are mutually exclusive.

  3. En ce moment, je cherche des informations pour acquérir les droits des livres et matériels pédagogiques conçus par Caleb Gattegno.
    Parallèlement, je cherche une stratégie pour que le ministère français de l’éducation nationale prenne en compte l’approche pédagogique élaborée par ce docteur en mathématiques et en psychologie, la subordination de l’enseignement à l’apprentissage.

    At the moment, I am looking for information to acquire the rights of books and educational materials designed by Caleb Gattegno.
    At the same time, I am looking for a strategy for the French Ministry of National Education to take into account the pedagogical approach developed by this doctor in mathematics and psychology, the subordination of teaching to learning.

  4. I’m searching for a way to increase my net worth – but I’m battling with being risk averse as I have a young family to support. It has disaster written all over it! So I’m searching for the right answers, but maybe not ready for the answers until I deal with escaping from my cvs around fear of loss.

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