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Advanced Thought Leadership Certificate

SOT has been conducting advanced thought leadership training since 1981 in New York. This is the post-graduate level of SOT training.

Dr Eric Bienstock, was the first postgraduate of SOT Leadership Training. He graduated as a Thinking Instructor, and later Chief Instructor SOT. He became the first Managing Director of SOT in New York and Eric is now the Vice Principal SOT.

We have recently upgraded the leadership training. Those who graduate with the Certificate of English Thinking may qualify to participate in the postgraduate Advanced Thought Leadership Certificate training.

6 thoughts on “School of Leadership

  1. I want to learn from Michael – I am the founding partner of the kaizen institute and I promote continual improvement in Africa and India, been doing this for 20+ yrs. I am an engineer, Fulbright fellow and want to learn.

  2. Hello Michael,

    It would be of huge benefit to me to qualify for the Advanced Though leadership Training.

    Already, the BCT lessons have been very helpful to me, career wise and personally. I therefore, would be thankful to be enrolled for the Advanced Thought Leadership Training.

    Judging by effect the previous lessons have had on me, I can only imagine the positive outcome to be had from the coming lessons.

    Thanks in advance

  3. will be very happy when given the chance to help improve my thinking skills i need help scholarships i a m African zambia

  4. Dear Michael
    This email comes to me , a rpeat of an earlier enquiry. I am keen to know the details of the SOT Advanced trainning programme. Especially in terms of funds required including to & from from India to Australia. An advance info will help me collect / save / borrow for the big day. I also want to know as to how I can teach and earn from this programme.
    regards Ashok

  5. Dear Michael
    Please inform me as to waht will be the expences for the advanced leader ship training if I wre to come to Australia for the tranning prgramme

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