Your DFQ #032:

What reward can you give today?

Will you reward yourself? Another person? Or, the system?

Post your example here …

287 thoughts on “#032 REWARD

  1. I want to reward myself with something nice today. As I am typing this I am listing to Bach playing on the back ground and my favorite fizzy water chilling in the freezer.

  2. I reward myself with self-compassion and self-indulgence.
    I reward others with a complement or gratitude
    I reward the system by giving it credit for being there 😉

  3. I will reward a colleague for stepping up to the plate during a staff absence. She has done a great job during a very busy time.

  4. Yes, yes I do. I am rewarding myself by accomplishing the task with small funny stuff like going to watch a performance. I always say Thank You to another person.

  5. Yes !! Definitely rewarding myself and my family with a Christmas Vacation. Its very exciting, and can be mystical and intoxicating when influenced by the imagination.

  6. I have been fortunate to win some golf competitions recently which are rewarded with golf shopping vouchers. I always make a point of gifting myself with some new golf gear to reward myself for results.

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