Your DFQ #032:

What reward can you give today?

Will you reward yourself? Another person? Or, the system?

Post your example here …

287 thoughts on “#032 REWARD

  1. I rewarded myself today by rearranging my work schedule so I could take a few hours off to spend some unplanned time with my wife and daughter. It was a lovely sunny afternoon so we all went for a long walk in a nearby nature reserve. It was great to just all relax and chat together as we walked and shared in the beauty of the wildlife around us. I am truly blessed.

  2. My reward is time to myself.
    Whether it is listening to a podcast while driving in the country, or cycling for a few hours or reading a journal cover to cover over coffee without being interrupted, the opportunity to be rather than do is a priceless gift.

  3. Pleine et entière reconnaissance de l’implication dans une travail, du bon accomplissement d’une tâche, des progrès réalisés dans tel ou tel domaine.
    La satisfaction de voir que la portion placée sous ma responsabilité du système dans lequel j’interviens “tourne” harmonieusement, ce qui ne signifie pas qu’il n’y a jamais de difficultés mais que celles-ci sont traitées en allant en fonction de ce qu’elles requièrent.
    Et aussi, jouer !

    Full and complete recognition of the involvement in a job, the successful completion of a task, the progress made in this or that area.
    The satisfaction of seeing that the portion under my responsibility of the system in which I intervene “turns” harmoniously, which does not mean that there are never difficulties but that they are treated in going according to what they require.
    And also, play!

  4. Simply and honestly appreciating the effort of others can be a powerful reward. A few words from the heart which give a sense of achievement to the recipient. It can be quite confronting to speak from the heart so it may get overlooked. Also, It’s easy to fail to notice those closest to me at home or at work because it becomes so familiar and complacency sets in. Today I can reward my wife by telling her how much I appreciate all she does for our family (and flowers – with a card)

  5. My two favourite rewards are: 1) knowing that I’ve helped someone and 2) knowing that I deserve the money received for my work.

  6. With so much work to be done, I am swamped and my greatest reward would be sleep and some quiet time to be alone.

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