Here’s your DFQ #024:

Ask yourself:

How can I make this good thing ten times better?

Choose a specific really good thing you are dealing with today and perform a deliberate act of quality to make it even better.

300 thoughts on “#024 QUALITY

  1. The good thing that happened today is that I got to spend some quality time with my daughter. So, quality time with daughter x10. x10 quality = more walks in good weather, singing songs, reading books, playing with toys. x10 time = less work, less sleep, less sport. But quality time doesn’t need to be in person. I could skype/facetime into my wife for 10 minutes a day to spend more time with her when otherwise I would be at work.

  2. I could make a planned change in career 10x better by:

    1. Approach an associate who already works in the field.
    2. Ask for connections.
    3. Wear my new Oxfords (:
    5. Talk to one of the top firms and find out more about them.
    6. Ask my morning questions to put myself in an awesome state.
    7. Practice interviews scenarios.
    8. Brush up on my maths.
    9. Write up a cover letter.
    10. Make contact again with the firm who I would really like to work with.

  3. I am using a landing page that receives very good conversion. If I want to generate more leads, I require sending more traffic to this landing page.

  4. My current organisations is trying to build their customer base and have proposals out to potential new clients to purchase subscributions to the service. But current level of open proposals is way below where it should be. I’m working with the company to try to help them get to a 10x increase in the number of proposals they have issued.

  5. This is difficult, because i spend my time incrementally improving things, and the current new design is the best I can make it. Until I find something else to improve it, I’m afraid I can’t do this.

  6. Instead of contacting customers – contacted 10 contacts and asked them to forward information to 10 valued customers

  7. I gained access to a really valuable resource today, that was a really good thing. To make it ten times better I can read through the attached notes before watching video. Study the relevent acts at the same time I am accessing the resource. Post any questions I have to a mentor. Share any material with selected prviate clients. Read through the provisions contained in the deeds.

  8. My Dad is now in deep palliative care following in from his oncologists appointment this afternoon.
    Whilst this is all terrible, there is good from all this and it can be made better:
    1. Tell him we are all better from the love he has shown,
    2. Tell him that as our father, we are all better from this precious time with him,
    3. Hold his hand, it will make him feel better,
    4. Hold his hand, it will make me feel better,
    5. Tell him every secret, it will make you feel better,
    6. Hear all his secrets, it will make him feel better,
    7. Understand from him what he is feeling, it will make you better in helping others,
    8. Be his voice when he can no longer speak, this is better than no voice,
    9. It is good to listen, it is better to write it down.
    10. Crying, it makes me feel better.

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