Here’s your DFQ #024:

Ask yourself:

How can I make this good thing ten times better?

Choose a specific really good thing you are dealing with today and perform a deliberate act of quality to make it even better.

300 thoughts on “#024 QUALITY

  1. A management report I created for myself to understand FTE cost by customer for a given time period has recently been requested by other managers to also assist them in being able to understand the cost of doing business. However, after receiving feedback of how other managers would like to see the output broken down from a different perspective, today I have been able to take this feedback as a baseline to enhance the original report to incorporate the requested changes. Using this feedback as the CVS2BVS switch, in addition to the requested changes, through thinking from other management role viewpoints of what metrics would be most important for them, I have then been able to develop additional views of the same data sliced and diced from 10 extra viewpoints. The end result has created a much higher quality artefact that can now be used throughout the business to better understand the cost base from many different perspectives.

  2. The good thing I am doing is preparing for a long distance cycling event.
    When training, the temptation is to ride and ride without a plan, because it still feels like exercise and the accumulated kilometres look good on paper. The x10 and somewhat counterintuitive story coming from exercise scientists is that short supra-maximal intervals bring much more improvement than long lower effort rides.
    Therefore, my x10 is to do more interval training.
    I wonder whether this translates to cognitive training…

  3. Nous avons amélioré beaucoup de choses dans la gestion matérielle de mon association (diffusion de l’information, participation accrue à nos formations avec une majorité de nouvelles personnes, optimisation de la gestion administrative des séminaires, comptabilité entièrement reprise…), mais nous pouvons faire mieux sur chacun de ces points et sur d’autres encore et c’est le défi de cette année : nous sommes passés de pas très bon à mieux mais la situation dans son ensemble peut encore être meilleure.

    We have improved many things in the material management of my association (dissemination of information, increased participation in our training with a majority of new people, optimization of the administrative management of seminars, fully recovery accounting …), but we can do better on each of these points and on others again and this is the challenge of this year: we went from not very good to better but the situation as a whole can still be better.

  4. Friday night is family night in our house. So tonight I am leaving work early so I can have time with my son setting up his new scooter and I will sit through a chick flick with my wife (even Sex and the City 2).

  5. This is a dilemma as, being French, we tend to think that everything we do is already the biggest : )

    To make something bigger creates a multitude of possibilities and questions: Is the market big enough? Do we hire more people? Invest more money? How do we multiply our time? Do we improve our processes? Do we hire different people? How do we control costs? etc.

    Going 10x forces us to review every single element of the current plan. It’s a life-changing exercise that we’re currently doing with my company: how do we get to 50,000 members (10x) in 2 years instead of 5.

    We don’t have all the answers yet but every discussion is now different, bigger.

  6. I am doing a good thing in my conflict work. But I want to do better. In my work, I want to do 10x better in having new ideas, new initiatives. I will also do 10x better in testing and select my strategies. I will do 10x better in soliciting feedback.

  7. I want to expand on my BVS on DFQs , trying to think more deeply to generate new ideas about the use of DFQs.
    It seems to me that what I think about is the “action” that I can do to improve the quality of my thoughts.

  8. 1. How can I be 10 times physically stronger today?
    2. How can I be working 10 times smarter today?
    3. How can be 10 times better at parenting today?
    4. How can I be 10 times better at being a husband today?
    5. How can I be working 10 times harder today?
    6. How can I be 10 times wiser today?
    7. How can I be 10 times kinder today?
    8. How can I be 10 times funnier today?
    9. How can I be 10 times more relaxed today?
    10. How can I be 10 times more generous today?

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