#33 OUTPUTS – The Last DFQ


This is the last DFQ in this x10 Thinking training:


You have successfully completed this round of training in x10 thinking and the brain software – cvs2bvs.

Think about how you have used these SOT lessons to get better outputs in your life, at home, at school or at work.

Please post your example here.

By all means, try and be specific because your detailed and measurable results are a genuine encouragement to your fellow SOT trainees …

252 thoughts on “#33 OUTPUTS – The Last DFQ

  1. Ce travail avec des outils de réflexion m’a permis d’être plus consciente de mon propre mode de fonctionnement, d’observer et de mieux comprendre le mode de fonctionnement des personnes avec lesquelles je suis amenée à interagir ainsi qu’à mieux repérer les enjeux d’une situation donnée pour aller vers des solutions satisfaisantes.

    This work with tools of reflection allowed me to be more aware of my own way of functioning, to observe and better understand the mode of operation of the people with whom I have to interact as well as to better identify the stakes of a given situation to find satisfactory solutions.

  2. Trinary thinking vs PTV logic has enabled me to be more understanding and communicate in a better way with my children. I was guilty of trying to mound them into my ideal (good vs bad) of what they should achieve rather than looking at their strengths.

    CVS2BVS has been a shift in finding solutions and providing energy when I feel the weight of a situation.

    SDNT great procrastination killer and method for for acceleration and refinement- I used SDNT to learn a new surfing skill

  3. I’ve used the x10 to see potential results I wasn’t considering before. One of many is the idea that my business could achieve its 5 years goal in 2 and even 1 year if I stopped looking at growth linearly. My business partner and I have now started to look at a few other ways to grow the business.

  4. X10 Training has made me more aware of my thinking process. The training gave me some measure of control over my thinking such that I can shift the attention of my thinking at will. The fruits are many: better decisions, better relationships, better motivation in what I do.

  5. * I have got the concept of (CVS to BVS) ,and learned how to develop my ability to create BVS for my career, and also for my life style . Actually, things around me are getting better and a lot of new positive thoughts are running through my mind.
    * I have learned how to bring ideas to my life and how to see abstract concepts in action.

  6. Greetings:

    I have used lateral thinking techniques to create better solutions to problems at home and work. For instance, when my boss tells me that we can’t-do certain things at work because of the various reasons I can put on my thinking hat and come up with an alternative win-win solutions that still produce the results that we want while maintaining the integrity of the organization.
    I been able to come up with personal as well as business solutions that I can quickly put into practice to see what the results are. Always thinking what is the BVS here and how I can get there from where I am. then come up with the list of possible solutions and trying them on for the size. Of course, not all of these “solutions will pan out however the ones that do often produce fantastic results. Always thinking CVS to BVS.

  7. At personal level I feel more calm and at ease , I always think of cvs2bvs in all /any situation so I am not caught up in a natural response.
    My calmness is helping me deal with complex project work I am doing to come up with new ideas to solve one problem after another…there aren’t solutions but there is a way forward and that is very gratifying. My leaders are acknowledging all the effort ,ideas.
    The outcome is I am more confident , I feel at peace and there is always an ability /capability to get back in control no matter what the situation.

  8. in personal life: started exercising more and changed to 5:2 diet; addressed some personal issues
    at work: changed my routine by concentrating on performing new tasks each day; hiring another staff member.

  9. I have used these tools to get started home brewing, used PRR to improve my cricket batting and making a ton, and at work to change my career and become a leader in a new company. I’ve also used the tools to help identify x10 value for my current business. I’m now currently working on the x10 training requirements in order to achieve that value.

  10. Now I am ready to start doing anything I want and then, after the feedback, I’ll figure it out by looking for the BVS.

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