#33 OUTPUTS – The Last DFQ


This is the last DFQ in this x10 Thinking training:


You have successfully completed this round of training in x10 thinking and the brain software – cvs2bvs.

Think about how you have used these SOT lessons to get better outputs in your life, at home, at school or at work.

Please post your example here.

By all means, try and be specific because your detailed and measurable results are a genuine encouragement to your fellow SOT trainees …

252 thoughts on “#33 OUTPUTS – The Last DFQ

  1. CVS to BVS is an ingenious method of thinking. Very simple, but creating very complex results for the betterment of every endeavour and challenge. My use for it, is for doing better and better in everything that I deal with on a daily basis. It forces stimulation and encouragement to overcome obstacles and create improvement no matter what the challenge is. Amazing !!

  2. At the beginning of each day where possible I have made the attempt to focus on how things are done rather than what is done. I have put more focus on the processes not the results.

  3. So far it has helped me at work where I have been able to get others in the organisation to be more targeted and more specific in setting a specific goal, in a specific market, and then putting an action plan in place to work towards that goal. Prior to this I found this group simply taking a scatter gun approach and each week trying to come up with a new idea, with no real direction.

  4. Using the concept of cvs2bvs, we have been able to streamline some of our reports, by no longer just accepting our previous templates “because that’s always the way it’s been done”. We’ve now in our team learned to not always accept what’s historically been done, but to rather actively look at ways to improve things.

  5. A specific example would be the Newsell idea of customers make the decsion to buy and not some slick closing technique. I have applied this idea to my consulting work, the result has been customers past, present and future responding positively, and referring their close friends.

  6. CVS2BVS is the right software for the brain. I now find myself not defending an expert position though rather considering a better view of what could be in any situation. Whilst my output is genuinely that much better, what I did not expect was how CVS2BVS makes you more at peace, calmer and genuinely pleased for making decisions.
    SOT has changed my life.

  7. Continuous learning has been a great output in terms of helping me see existing and new opportunities in a different light.

  8. I have enjoyed the X10 thinking training, I feel that it has made me more aware of my own patterns of thinking and has prompted me to examine them and encouraged me to look at the same situation/issue/opportunity from different angles.

  9. My output/result is a new skill acquisition in being able to search for a bvs. This course has provided me with avenues to shift from cvs to bvs – by seeking feedback, by trying to get a larger/overall view through a more higher view of the situation, shifting my view of control, understanding the power of engagement in my work.

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