#33 OUTPUTS – The Last DFQ


This is the last DFQ in this x10 Thinking training:


You have successfully completed this round of training in x10 thinking and the brain software – cvs2bvs.

Think about how you have used these SOT lessons to get better outputs in your life, at home, at school or at work.

Please post your example here.

By all means, try and be specific because your detailed and measurable results are a genuine encouragement to your fellow SOT trainees …

251 thoughts on “#33 OUTPUTS – The Last DFQ

  1. The clearest output for me from completing the suite of SOT exercises has been an increased consciousness of my thought patterns in response to questions/problems/challenges. Now I specifically ask myself and/or my group, when we need to improve or change something, is there an opportunity to make a really big change. Can we do it in one amazing step? Is there a radical idea that can completely overhaul our thinking? Is there something “out of left field” that can change the whole paradigm? I think major jumps and revolutionary changes occurred in the past, but they were infrequent and ad-hoc and subject to “luck”. Now I look for them explicitly.

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