Your DFQ #028:

Think about a recent argument or discussion and ask:

What’s the spin?  Is the opinion based on a prejudiced CVS or some fresh thinking BVS?


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  1. I was thinking about the discussion taking place in the media about more people attending Obamas inauguration compared to Trumps. If I ask myself what is the spin, I come up with the idea that the media are looking to upset the current President. I am leaning towards the view that it is prejuduced cvs spin.

  2. Not always I can escape from CVS, but I am trying not to be in a rush and find a fresh view – BVS.

  3. I have to always push myself to move from CVS to BVS no matter the circumstances. At times it is very challenging, but it is always possible, even if I have to withdraw for several days. When I come back, I am more emotionally and mentally balanced and ready for BVS. BVS is an overall improvement to life. How can I deny this from taking place ?

  4. One shouldn’t react negatively to the other person’s argument or behaviour. One should use it to improve upon one’s own argument or behaviour. When two people disagree they might be able to work out a position superior to each of their individual positions.

  5. It can be difficult to know if your prejudices in an opinion already formed dominates how you debate a point of view. It can be difficult to have a completely clear point of view open to evaluating all points of view with no existing point of view.

  6. Open minded help you view any information or suggestions that come your way as blessing it help you not to prejudice but help as you look for that seeds of bvs

  7. I’m putting an optimistic spin on what’s happening at the moment. Signs are good that things are about to take off.

  8. Prejudiced cvs can often be used in an argument, leaving a discussion dead in thecwater. Therefore, a constant effort must be made to strive for the bvs, rather than just remaining in a stagnant cvs.

  9. I think political correctness is a cvs. Often we are unable to explore a BVS due to the fear of recrimination for even entering a discussion. For example, everyone knows that board of management diversity is important though ‘manufactured board diversity’ is rarely discussed versus the need for a heterogeneous board which is critically abrasive. Much is said about the male stacked boards though is gender the only thing we should be discussing about board make ups? Isn’t a better question what is a BVS of a board?

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