Your DFQ #028:

Think about a recent argument or discussion and ask:

What’s the spin?  Is the opinion based on a prejudiced CVS or some fresh thinking BVS?


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  1. Stated opinion is what I am prepared to share with others. It is a blend of what I really think is true, modified by the context into which it is delivered. Spin is a superficial veneer over the truth. At its centre is deception. I am destined for problems if I believe my own spin.
    Prejudice is pre judgement – conclusions based on sketchy information, processed imperfectly.
    Post judgement is wisdom after the fact with all the benefits of hindsight and little benefit when its most needed.
    Honesty and mindful judgement can lead away from the CVS – the veneer is stripped away and the real situation is exposed to reveal the ingredients of a BVS.

  2. Depuis un bon moment, lorsque j’écoute les actualités, je ne me sens pas informée mais plutôt la cible d’un déferlement de paroles sur divers sujets, paroles qui visent à exciter mes émotions, sans me donner les éléments qui me permettraient de me faire une opinion. Selon sa propre tendance, chaque chaîne, radio ou télé, cherche bien évidemment à ce que ses auditeurs adhèrent au point de vue proposé sur tel ou tel sujet. A titre d’illustration, en France, concernant la pédagogie et les résultats de notre système d’éducation, les échanges entre tenants d’opinions diverses sont devenus caricaturaux.

    Two sentences have accompanied me for years.
    “No one is born under a bad star, there are only people who look bad in the sky.” Dalai Lama
    “If you are innocent of the head you have, you are responsible for the jaws you make.” Anonymous

    I am responsible for my moods, and it is up to me every moment to decide which one I want to experiment with.

  3. Guilty as charged… winning the argument was a badge of honour. Interesting challenge to escape from being right, defending a position & winning. Forces you to listen more.

  4. Discussions leading into arguments are a constant in life, so is prejudice, and it’s hard to get rid off. Prejudice is based on what we know, our environment and whether we think we’re always right or better than anyone else. I’m not always convinced we can totally remove prejudices in ourselves nor someone else but we can definitely work on the former.

    The challenge is to recognise our cognitive bias, our blind-spots, by looking at the exact opposite of what we think. Take a 180 deg. view if you will.

    This is one the hardest work we’ll do in our lives but will allow our thinking to progress way beyond just winning an argument.

  5. I recently had this conversation with a colleague on how to go about doing things in the office. It was clear that I wanted to challenge his CVS and invite him to look for a BVS. In our conversation, I always have to mention “What if?” “Why should we continue to that way?” “Why not try something new?” He always had a spin to resisting a new path, an attempt to look at things. He used words like “this is how we do things”, “we cannot possibly do that?”, etc. His spin of things were geared towards protecting his CVS and that was a sad conversation.

  6. To create a fresh thinking BVS , I often consider that my opinion is right but it is most likely wrong .And the other opinion is wrong ,but it is most likely right.

  7. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish the truth from the spin. Everyone is interested in furthering their own agenda. People want to spin reality to fit their own self-interest. If I am not careful it is easy for me to get lost in the maze of smoke and mirrors put up by my opponent. Sometimes there is just no way to tell which side is the right side or even if there is a right side. There are situations that both sides are correct to some extent. However, it is important to be systematic in my thinking and have a framework that allows me to take a step back and look at the big picture. It is important to ask what is really going on here? What is my CVS and what is my BVS.

  8. So easy to fall into system one thinking and let the lazy thinking use pre biased spin ….
    But pause , check the mood ; emotion ; widen the perspective just a little bit and say cvs to bvs …before responding with any emotion , thought . This approach lets me shift to what is the bvs here spin ….?
    and i feel at peace …quietening the noise ready to jump to conclusions is important !!!

  9. One of the biggest news stories in USA is whether Russia interfered in 2016 US elections. Whether it did or not the reason why it is getting so much coverage is because the story is the easiest way the democrats have to distract attention from their failure to win the election.

  10. Talking to my boss about an HR issue recently. The first response was to defend their point of view that led to the mistake. Even to the point of trying to keep the problem in place. It was a rushed comment, I could tell. Sometimes I feel I see too many consequences of certain actions. I was often told early on in my career to ‘pick your battles carefully’. Anything to do with well-being and productivity of employees is very important to me and done with the best intentions of the company. I think his prejudiced spin is a consequence of ‘Silicon Valley Hustle’ memes. I prefer the ‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ meme, so I can spend time with family and have brain space to come up with x10 ideas.

    1. The Silicon Valley Hustle culture is one of the unpleasant facets of contemporary life in the Valley culture. It is hard to understand since it is surprisingly old-fashioned in a high-tech setting and has been shown to be counter-productive many years ago. It is very costly to shareholders and has led to loads and loads of value-creation opportunities being missed 24/7/365.

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