Your DFQ #028:

Think about a recent argument or discussion and ask:

What’s the spin?  Is the opinion based on a prejudiced CVS or some fresh thinking BVS?


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272 thoughts on “#028 OPINION

  1. In my opinion very little mainstream or social media opinion on any given topic is based on any kind of BVS, but rather based on the perceived CVS of the majority of the populous at any given point in time with regard to the topic being debated, which therefore must lead to biased or prejudiced commentary based upon the majority thinking not on the BVS that is most likely possible.

    Within the remit of my own influence I have reached a stage in my life where I feel no need to project/Spin a preconceived or prejudiced CVS regardless of the subject matter, discussion or argument and would rather pose the question to all involved parties of how we can determine a BVS through innovative and creative thinking.

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