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  1. What do I do NEXT?

    Keep the commitment intact. Block the Fear.

    Make the detail planning according to world moves, not only opponent´s.

    MOVE TO BVS: Invest time, money, energy in the plan I believed and learn from feedback

    Move, analyze, and think: plan the next action

    Keep moving, keep learning, keep planning

  2. Exercise three times a week, buy food that will support my commitment to a healthy diet, and move.

  3. EXCELLENT, it suits me exactly. Now.What is my priority what is needed now.
    a. To sell art? to sell a car? To pay taxes? To pull a teeth out?
    What brings more successful results in a near future?
    I will make the optimum choice.Now.

  4. Don’t procrastinate and do what I’m planning to do but have been putting it off. Act and be rewarded for my decision.

  5. The first thing I will do next is THINK about the CVS. The next thing I will do is CONSIDER a possible BVS. Then comes ACTION, followed by a CHECK on the new CVS. What do I do NEXT? Ditto, ditto, ditto.

  6. Very timely. I just posted for yesterday’s DFQ the exact same question because my new BVS, although better, was still not satisfactory. So, What do I do next? Start! Need to call Project Lead and get a new BVS.

  7. It’s evening downtime as I answer this question, so the next thing to do is make tomorrow’s plans hoping there won’t be any interruptions. Am learning to control procrastination and looking forward to undone tasks.

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