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  1. It all comes down to planning. Choreographed and rehearsed meetings will help you reach your goal. And for those unexpected outcomes, well they can be an opportunity in themselves. A chance to reveal a BVS!

  2. Maintain momentum and don’t wait for the opponents move.
    Push the boundaries until exhaustion.
    Activity, action and measure.

  3. Next…I get the others in my group to take ownership of the next batch of learning we have to do. I will explain in writing and in spoken word the steps we have to take, the information we need, the help we need, the reporting we will do and the logic if doing it this way.

  4. Start acting and stop asking questions. I need to start letting myself engage in lateral thinking rather than being so literal all of the time

  5. The next item on the to-do list! Keeps me accountable and sets the tasks for the day. Just keep moving to be as productive as I can be.

  6. Attack the next priority on the ‘to do list’. The priorities are there for a reason so just get on with it. Not all decisions and actions will be right but procrastination definitely wont get the right outcome

  7. Keep on improving your Thinking process and continue helping and serving people who r in need ….

  8. when i am with my customer i need to listen to them first and then make the next move, understand them and then make next move. Similarly at home, with friends and family.

  9. This question is difficult to answer. Oftentimes I don’t really know what to do next. I think the best way to answer this question is to plan ahead.

  10. Educate and inform myself in the specific area that I want to improve. Ask Ask Ask ………there is nothing to loose.

  11. I was taught a long time ago and am a strong believer in that “Every action creates another action!”
    So much so, that I coach my clients in it.
    Just by doing something, something else will happen and you constantly progress or move forward.
    It will surprise you….. just how good it would have been if you did something a long time ago!

  12. What do I do next?

    Play online chess against a chess engine and look for alternative moves. For each move see how many alternatives I am able to find. I WIN if I’m able to identify 10 alternatives! This is not regular chess.

    Start with first 10 moves of Danish Gambit accepted. Then find alternatives for subsequent moves & count ‘good’ alternatives: 8, 4, 1, … My thinking pattern regresses & I’m not considering alternatives.

  13. Based on chess, my next move must take into consideration how my opponent will respond. Interestingly, doing nothing is not an option. Sorry th e moral of the story is to always consider how my actions will impact on others.?

  14. There is an old blues/rock song entitled “Roll with the Punches”. I think it sums up life and work very well. We all make plans for the future, but it is important to recognise that despite our best endeavours to work to those plans, we are interacting with others and their plans at all times. Therefore unexpected changes and challenges to our plans are inevitable. That is when being able to “roll with the punches” is a valuable tool in our personal arsenals. It allows the flexibility to change and adapt to new and fluid situations and to find the best possible outcome.

  15. My next move will have have been influenced by a prior event, whether that being expected or unexpected. Sometimes my move may be a backward step in order to move in the desired direction. Whatever way I move, it will impact upon the next series of thought processes for the next move.

  16. Seriously work on making more sleep a priority. Need to get more than 5 hours a night…aim for 6-7…going to bed a little earlier will solve some of this. Then see if it makes a difference to my life (I’m sure it will) – improved mood, positivity, clearer faster thinking, improved immune etc.

  17. I am getting pretty good at anticipating what is coming my way and at having the next play sorted in my head, I love the game !

  18. I am constantly planning what do I do next. If I can provide staff with greater notice of things to action instead of creating a “reactive” environment this helps me to achieve my goals as it allows time for work to be done. I don’t always get it right but try to avoid surprises wherever possible

  19. What do I do next? Answering this question I like to do when I am feeling relaxed, so that my decision making considers more of the choices rather than the ones pressing in on me in the moment.

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