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  1. In thinking about my application to school, I realize that my next step is to complete the rest of the tasks required. My next step will probably be to order transcripts sent to my school, then sign up for a CPR class.

  2. Next. I will make the most of my next ‘now’ moment – be that addressing an outstanding action, take advantage of some downtime to meditate, or read the next chapter in a thought provoking book.

  3. I will persevere with reading a book that I am finding both challenging and interesting called “Straight and Crooked Thinking”.

  4. NEXT I be pro-active about a career change. I will keep seeking work opportunities, but also use my existing contacts to see what opportunities they know of that may be looming in my industry.

  5. I am attempting to get an academic institution to commit to a long term project on improvement of quality of learning, which involves participation of large number of persons. To make it successful I need acceptance of the senior management as well as enthusiastic participation by all participants.

    Next: I need to find a way to identify what creates the required enthusiasm

  6. Next for me is to re-evaluate my goals in my current situation. Are the goals still valid and worth pursuing, or is it time to let some of them go in favour of new, more relevant goals? It is hard to let go of things that we have put a lot of work into, but it sometimes makes sense. The effort is never lost…sometimes it is just a matter of changing perspective about what the results of the effort are.

  7. I will have to educate myself fairly quickly in the areas of cheese, olives, and coffee. I will be promoted to specialty manager very soon and I have to be prepared for this change.

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