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  1. My next move is totally dependent on what is about to happen in my immediate environment. The toughest thing is to wait a little longer until more of the surrounding context has become clear and decision making can be based on fact instead of conjecture. I have started, done, noticed and thought. But now, patience is the next move… wait and watch.

  2. Juste après avoir complété le travail pour SOT, il y a la mise au net de l’inventaire de mon association qui me tend les bras : nous avons plusieurs lieux de stockage du matériel pédagogique que nous vendons et différentes personnes qui se déplacent ; de plus, nous devons maintenant faire cet inventaire avec notre nouveau logiciel de gestion, d’où un certain travail. Ensuite, il y a les documents à préparer pour la prochaine formation qui se déroule les 13 et 14 janvier. Entre les deux, je songe à intercaler une tasse de thé…:))

    Just after completing the work for SOT, there is the net inventory of my association that reaches out to me: we have several places of storage of the educational material that we sell and different people who move; moreover, we now have to do this inventory with our new management software, hence some work. Then there are the documents to be prepared for the next training which will take place on January 13 and 14. Between the two, I think to insert a cup of tea … :))

  3. By imposing strict short time limits in chess the notice/think/action has to be at the speed of thought and changes the paradigm. If you keep thinking you’re going to get more thoughts, action is what defines the thought. My next move is to experiment with SDNT and see if I can notice at what point I am overthinking or procrastinating and why.

  4. My next move is to 1) promote my business every day (organic) and 2) contact someone who can help us increase it by 10x (exponential) and 3) Find new ideas, products, and services, that will increase the value we offer to our current base.

    Doing that constantly, without exception, is the challenge I’m giving myself and my team.

  5. The next thing that I do will be different from the moves of others involved in the same space that I am in. That is my leaning. So in my work on responding to a humanitarian crisis, for example, I always move differently and then I listen to the feedback and then adjust to the feedback that is generated by the move that I made. I always start with failure. I don’t have the answers but I take on a new field, a new starting point and then work from that starting point. That is my next move.

  6. My next move is to do almost the different from what i have just done.

    Do [A]
    Get feedback (1)
    Do [B]
    Get feedback (2)
    Then Do [A] again .

  7. Where I am today I have lots of next things to do and the order is
    Pause and list all the things to be done -> prioritise -> and start again !

  8. This is a follow on from start-do-notice-think. Therefore the next is whether you should be doing the same thing or whether you have noticed something and have thought about what you have noticed and this has caused you to change/vary what you do next

  9. I like to guess what will happen before doing something, so I would evaluate the feedback and make a new guess.

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