Your Final DFQ:

What feedback can you give today?

Most SOT Members say they enjoy reading the feedback posted by the other members. Please take a moment to think here and post your final comments to other SOT members.

GOOD: What do you think was good about this training?
What did you like about it?

BAD: What do you think was bad about this training?
What did you not like about it?

BETTER: What do you think could be better about this training? How would you like to see this training improved?

Thanks for taking the time to give SOT your comments 🙂


  1. GOOD – It was all good – Provided another level of discipline. Value.

    BAD – Nothing – Would not have done it if I did not like it.

    BETTER – I will need to “THINK MORE” about my answer/comment.

  2. 1/The best thing about the training is that it’s continual & requires disipline to complete. It’s allows me a little me time each day.
    2/The bad thing about the training was that some of the lessons were long winded & repetitive.Thus difficult for me to read.
    3/The training could be improved by adding an audio attachment, allowing me to listen.

  3. 1/ i liked the way the course allowed me to think using different methods to which i was used to.

    2/ i also did not like the way it took me out of my comfortable way of thinking. Change has not always been easy for me.

    3/ now that i have a taste for it it would be good if there is a follow up course or refresher course in about 6 months

  4. GOOD- The lessons in the course allowed me to adapt to different methods of thinking, a break from the daily cycle I would usually follow.
    The routine also required disclipline and again gave me a break from daily difficulties.

    BAD- Some of the lessons were difficult to follow and sometimes long-winded

    BETTER- Its not enough! We need more!

    Also encourage us to keep continuing with the course, alot of people drop out after the first ten lessons

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