#027 MOOD

Your DFQ #027:

What mood am I in right now?

Up, Down, Active, Passive?


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338 thoughts on “#027 MOOD

  1. I am feeling down at the moment. Some business and personal challenges got me upset. I know that I am going to be okay. I have to actively avoid negativity and think about my BVS. Focusing on my BVS instead of worrying about my CVS. I am strong and been through many more difficult challenges before. I have to stay focused and work on things that I have control over and let go of those things that are out of my control.

  2. I am up passive right now ….it makes me smile that mood swings have women on them as the pic above ..why not men ? ( finding humor !)
    And doing DFQs is activating my mood !

  3. I’m in a DOWN/ACTIVE mood. I spend quite a lot of time here trying to make things better. I’m currently trying to identify ways to convince the management team that we need to work smarter and more as a team.

  4. I am in a passive to down mood right now. I just received disturbing news, and I am not sure what to do about it. It makes me down a little because I currently don’t have a solution to make it right.

  5. Today I am up active and constantly I am trying to be in this status, in particular, when I communicate with other people.

  6. I am up active. I am feeling positive and at the same time active, ie seeking to engage with other people more than usual.

  7. I am able to change my mood pretty quickly, especially if I am aware that I am in a mood that will get in the way of progress and balance. I am presently in a up mood. Even though mood is dependent on the chemical balance in the brain, I believe we can take certain actions to change this. We can be proactive in making this happen. It is important to also be a sensitive observe of one’s surroundings, and in this circumstance it would be of people’s mood. This will assist in how one approaches certain people to get certain tasks accomplished.

  8. I have been on holidays for almost 2 weeks. I am definitely passive. Next week I need to reengage with work issues and opportunities.

  9. I am in an “up” mood, excited to commence a new week of work and to be productive, especially with an impending long weekend ahead.

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