#027 MOOD

Your DFQ #027:

What mood am I in right now?

Up, Down, Active, Passive?


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  1. I would have liked a little more on the concept to determine up, down, active , passive. However if I had to guess I would say down/active. Some days you struggle but you plough on to achieve what needs to be done and push against any mood.

  2. Good positive mood. I am normally a 99% glass half full person who sees opportunities under rocks when others see spiders.

  3. I’m in a bit of a down mood but it’s because I e just woken up and need time to fully awaken. It’s also because I automatically think of what’s missing from my life instead of being happy with the things I have

  4. I feel my mood is probably impacted by the amount of energy that I have at any given point. I know I’m at my best when I’m feeling healthy, I think for me the link to how I feel physically impacts on how I perform mentally.

  5. I suspect there’s no such thing – as it would be constantly moving towards one or the other, with no specific point to isolate.
    Any if you see a trend, does doing the opposite give you a way out? So if you’re down, does being Active change it? If you’re up, does deliberately being Passive change it?

  6. To be honest I am in between both at the moment. I am back on track with my eating and exercise and getting some energy back. I feel more motivated (active ) and happier and will continue the upward journey.

  7. I think you need to be reminded to be up and active and it best to bench mark and surround yourself with people who are. I believe low mood (inactivity and low productivity) can be habit forming and actively breeds more low mood. Effort is required and often with minimal effort something positive happens to improve the upward spiral to positivity thus “up mood”. If we all do one extra positive thing each day people will bench mark from that activ (ity).

  8. I am in an up and active mood. Its the new year and I have my work plans set-up for the year. I am doing as much preparation as I can while it lasts! Moods change with time and I try and maximise productivity when I am in the right mood.

  9. Thinking about the mood concept – probably companies require to monitor the employee moods and link it to output. The Up & active moods are what I would aim for

  10. Mood swings happen to everybody. Sometimes miscommunication is more of misaligned moods rather than what is being communicated.

  11. I actually think mood swings are not such a bad thing and allow you to understand more about what a BVS could be.
    The question I ask myself is how does ones personality and proximity to others behaviours shape our moods every 10 minutes?

  12. I am in an “up” mood, excited to commence a new week of work and to be productive, especially with an impending long weekend ahead.

  13. I have been on holidays for almost 2 weeks. I am definitely passive. Next week I need to reengage with work issues and opportunities.

  14. I am able to change my mood pretty quickly, especially if I am aware that I am in a mood that will get in the way of progress and balance. I am presently in a up mood. Even though mood is dependent on the chemical balance in the brain, I believe we can take certain actions to change this. We can be proactive in making this happen. It is important to also be a sensitive observe of one’s surroundings, and in this circumstance it would be of people’s mood. This will assist in how one approaches certain people to get certain tasks accomplished.

  15. I am up active. I am feeling positive and at the same time active, ie seeking to engage with other people more than usual.

  16. Today I am up active and constantly I am trying to be in this status, in particular, when I communicate with other people.

  17. I am in a passive to down mood right now. I just received disturbing news, and I am not sure what to do about it. It makes me down a little because I currently don’t have a solution to make it right.

  18. I’m in a DOWN/ACTIVE mood. I spend quite a lot of time here trying to make things better. I’m currently trying to identify ways to convince the management team that we need to work smarter and more as a team.

  19. I am up passive right now ….it makes me smile that mood swings have women on them as the pic above ..why not men ? ( finding humor !)
    And doing DFQs is activating my mood !

  20. I am feeling down at the moment. Some business and personal challenges got me upset. I know that I am going to be okay. I have to actively avoid negativity and think about my BVS. Focusing on my BVS instead of worrying about my CVS. I am strong and been through many more difficult challenges before. I have to stay focused and work on things that I have control over and let go of those things that are out of my control.

  21. You can focus on something that you like or that you are obsessed with, but if you are forced to focus on some thing that you don’t like….How can you deal with ?!!!
    To me, this is a challenging situation , take it …try to focus on it …pass the psyco_barrier between you and that thing …concentrate more on it … after a while, it becomes one of your main focuses in the life and maybe it becomes a routine habit . At the end, you will be a master of it …
    It appears to me that we can deliberately choose our habits and regulate our behaviour in a dynamic mannar.
    With SOT, DFQs habit is really something can make difference …I am actually using DFQs trend as a training powerful method .

  22. It’s difficult to capture a mood or even say that one is in a mood state – up, down, active or passive. But the mood is background music. Can I control my mood? Can I deliberately change it? I am usually in a “down” mood. Down is the mood that I am comfortable working with. When I am experiencing “up” I feel tense. I am not used to feeling “up, ” and I know that “up” is fleeting. Down is a permanent fixture in my life. I like “down.” It keeps me active rather than passive.

  23. Right now I’m in the ‘Succesful failure’ mood. My business is growing well but too slowly for me to take my first salary. It spoils my mood and forces me to review my involvement. I’m tempted by the easy way out, find a job, and started interviewing. I know what I need to do to grow the business, I’m doing it and yet, it feels like I’m not getting there. I’m wondering if I stopped now, would I stop just before finding the gold mine? Or it simply doesn’t exist. Despite all that, I’m optimistic and need to show it every day.

  24. I remember the mood rings from the 70’s which supposedly showed your mood by changing colour. I’m in quite an active mood right now, feeling energetic as I write this although a few minutes ago I was thinking about finance and felt lethargic. One of the main tenets of this training, is whatever mood we are currently experiencing, we have the ability to escape to a better or parallel mood.

  25. Deux phrases m’accompagnent depuis des années.
    “Personne n’est né sous une mauvaise étoile, il n’y a que des gens qui regardent mal dans le ciel.” Dalaï Lama
    “Si vous êtes innocent de la t^te que vous avez, vous êtes responsables de la gueule que vous faites.” Anonyme

    Je suis responsable de mes humeurs et, à chaque instant, il m’appartient de décider de celle que je veux expérimenter.

  26. Mood Ballistics
    My azimuth is never passive, therefore my direction points always towards the active like a compass points towards the north pole.
    My elevation is best modelled on a barometer – influenced by height above sea level and the prevailing weather. Mostly I live in the hills on a slightly elevated perspective, but stormy weather can drive the barometric pressure down and fine weather can lift me to the upper reaches of the mountains.

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