#027 MOOD

Your DFQ #027:

What mood am I in right now?

Up, Down, Active, Passive?


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  1. My response to the question posed is that my mood cannot be Pigeon holed into the limited choices provided in todays DFQ. The choices of ‘Up, Down, Active or Passive’ take me to Blackhat judgemental thinking of having to pick one of these limited choices as being correct to the exclusion of all other possible choices or in this scenario feelings. Such complex a subject as emotion cannot simply have a single correct answer based on choosing as an example one of the primary colours when in reality my emotion, mood at any given moment is more akin to looking to pick any given hue and shade of colour that would be available from say a Pantone wheel or colour match paint wheel in your local hardware store.

    What my be an even more important question is not what mood do I believe I am in at the moment but what mood do others around me perceive me to be in? If I believe I am in for instance a positive mood but those around me perceive me to be in a ‘Down’ mood then what is the actual reality? Is the reality ‘My truth’ or ‘Their truth’? and if indeed the reality is mine then how do I change the perception of those around me to align with the fact not the perception?

  2. Mood Ballistics
    My azimuth is never passive, therefore my direction points always towards the active like a compass points towards the north pole.
    My elevation is best modelled on a barometer – influenced by height above sea level and the prevailing weather. Mostly I live in the hills on a slightly elevated perspective, but stormy weather can drive the barometric pressure down and fine weather can lift me to the upper reaches of the mountains.

  3. Deux phrases m’accompagnent depuis des années.
    “Personne n’est né sous une mauvaise étoile, il n’y a que des gens qui regardent mal dans le ciel.” Dalaï Lama
    “Si vous êtes innocent de la t^te que vous avez, vous êtes responsables de la gueule que vous faites.” Anonyme

    Je suis responsable de mes humeurs et, à chaque instant, il m’appartient de décider de celle que je veux expérimenter.

  4. I remember the mood rings from the 70’s which supposedly showed your mood by changing colour. I’m in quite an active mood right now, feeling energetic as I write this although a few minutes ago I was thinking about finance and felt lethargic. One of the main tenets of this training, is whatever mood we are currently experiencing, we have the ability to escape to a better or parallel mood.

  5. Right now I’m in the ‘Succesful failure’ mood. My business is growing well but too slowly for me to take my first salary. It spoils my mood and forces me to review my involvement. I’m tempted by the easy way out, find a job, and started interviewing. I know what I need to do to grow the business, I’m doing it and yet, it feels like I’m not getting there. I’m wondering if I stopped now, would I stop just before finding the gold mine? Or it simply doesn’t exist. Despite all that, I’m optimistic and need to show it every day.

  6. It’s difficult to capture a mood or even say that one is in a mood state – up, down, active or passive. But the mood is background music. Can I control my mood? Can I deliberately change it? I am usually in a “down” mood. Down is the mood that I am comfortable working with. When I am experiencing “up” I feel tense. I am not used to feeling “up, ” and I know that “up” is fleeting. Down is a permanent fixture in my life. I like “down.” It keeps me active rather than passive.

  7. You can focus on something that you like or that you are obsessed with, but if you are forced to focus on some thing that you don’t like….How can you deal with ?!!!
    To me, this is a challenging situation , take it …try to focus on it …pass the psyco_barrier between you and that thing …concentrate more on it … after a while, it becomes one of your main focuses in the life and maybe it becomes a routine habit . At the end, you will be a master of it …
    It appears to me that we can deliberately choose our habits and regulate our behaviour in a dynamic mannar.
    With SOT, DFQs habit is really something can make difference …I am actually using DFQs trend as a training powerful method .

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