MIMO: Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

long before tweets there were mimos

can you imagine!

find a new beat … a bossa nova

sit on a beach and chat

young, fast and scientific

MI = Message In

MO = Message Out

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.


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7 thoughts on “MIMO: Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

  1. This rings very true for me at the moment. I’ve just become a re-deployee in government – so still getting paid but with nothing particularly interesting to do all day. What this has done however is give me time to reflect on life and I’ve spent some of that time revisiting the SOT material I completed in 2009.

    And boy did I get a wake up call.!! I’ve had a bad case of Michael’s ‘PTV’ and revisiting ‘software for the brain’ has made me re-evaluate a lot of what I’ve been doing and where I’m going, personally and professionally. Its also made me re-evaluate some of my parenting as I want to ensure my little girl learns to think outside the square and be confident to question what she knows of the world, and to challenge the status quo (except when mum or dad says it’s bedtime!).

    The idea of ‘Message in = message out’ is really a key point and one that cannot be emphasised enough. Governments and large organisations have a lot of policies and procedures; they usually have to have to stay transparent and manage risk. However such tight policies and procedures can work to socialise people into a very self righteous “I’m right and your wrong” attitude. It is unfortunate that such organisations often do not reward people for looking outside the square, questioning what’s done and how its done and (heaven forbid) suggest alternatives. No wonder large organisations can take so much time to change. What has this got to do with MIMO? Well if the environment around you is so rigid, structured and unquestioning then that’s a large part of your input, and like it or not your being socialised by that environment.

    We had a saying in the kitchen I worked in as a Chef years ago: “Sh*t in = sh*t out”. In other words – use poor ingredients and the food you cook will also be poor. The same is true of our own approach to life, you add mush to your life in the form of “Sh*t in” and that’s what your life (your thinking, your attitude etc) could become. How to fix this? Try feeding your brain with interesting things — turn off the reality TV and watch a documentary (even better — turn off the TV and have a conversation!). Feed your emotional needs by working on relationships with those close to you (try and be a bit more accepting of their different ideas), and practice being a ‘tall poppy’ by asking questions, being curious about the world, studying something new (or revisit your TISOT training like I did), set yourself some goals and reaching them! The main thing is — give yourself some good input (a good message in) and your going to have a much better output (good messages out).

    Michael – thanks again for providing the SOT lessons and providing gentle reminders to not take everything at face value and to try questioning what we see and experience.

    Ross Kennedy
    TISOT 2009

    1. Yes Ross, lots of good thoughts here. I do like the value you demonstrate in revisiting or reviewing useful material. That’s the main benefit i get from the School, going over the same things all the time with new students helps me quite a lot.

      Hope you enjoy your new abundance of time. Thanks for your kind words.

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