Michael’s Diamond Caravan 2022

Melbourne in lockdown has inspired me to celebrate my diamond jubilee x10! I’m planning a caravan in 2022 from Friday, May 20 to Thursday, June 02. My family and friends, from Australia and Europe, will proceed from the Castelli Romani to the Amalfi Coast. With a week in Castel Gandolfo. And a week in Ravello.

There’ll be some amazing memories we’ll create together. My 75th Birthday Banquet at Pagnanelli in Castel Gandolfo on the 22nd. Our Long Sunday Al Fresco Lunch at Da Adolfo near Ravello on the 29th.

Can’t wait! We hope you can join (around ten of us) for all, or any part, of our caravan. RSVP anytime in 2021. Final bookings for restaurants and accomodation will be made in January 2022.

I’ll keep updating at this page. Michael x

Invited Family and Friends:

AUS: Saint-Arnaud. Hewitt-Danzig. Wezwick-O’Brien. Campbell. Monahan. O’Day. Zichy-Woinarski.

EU: Dillon-Corneck. Real de Salle. Caso. Di Prisco.

USA: Spinelli-Medici. Forbes.

Count Francesco Caso de Saint-Arnaud. Arms are the Tower of Saint-Arnaud upon the Angevin Field of Lilies
under the Count’s Coronet of 9 points with the motto … Nemo Perfectus Est.