MEDIA RELEASE: 1 July 2005

The School of Thinking will mark its 25th anniversary by honouring world leader in artificial intelligence and one-time NASA scientist, Melbourne Professor Michael Georgeff, with its 2005 Australian Thinker of the Year Award.


Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, principal of the school, says the school’s classroom – which has been open to more than 70 million people in 40 countries – has taught more people to think than any other school in history.

“In the 25 years since the school first opened, it has been associated with some of Australia’s most prominent thinkers, which this award honours,” says Dr Hewitt-Gleeson.

Professor Georgeff will be recognised for his ground breaking research in artificial intelligence and his practical application of intelligent systems at a ceremony to be held Wednesday 6 July, at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

The award, a portrait by internationally acclaimed digital artist Steve Danzig, will be submitted in the 2006 Archibald Prize.


Returning home to Melbourne in 2003 after spending a decade in the United States, Professor Georgeff says he is honoured by the award.

His current project, the Health Web, will change the way Australians think about health care by using technology that has already proven successful with NASA on the space shuttle program.

The Health Web is an intelligent network – just like a smart WWW – connecting all Australian health consumers and patients to the full continuum of health care providers – doctors, specialists, pharmacies, nurses, hospitals, pathology, labs and community centres.

“If you’ve got diabetes, for example, intelligent computer software will monitor your glucose levels and alert your doctor immediately you are in any danger. Other smart systems will check that referrals are followed up and that you’re actually getting your correct medication,” says Professor Georgeff.

Professor Georgeff has brought together an international industry and research consortium, which plans to build the Health Web.

“The Health Web will revolutionise health care in the same way the Internet is revolutionising commerce,” says Professor Georgeff.

“The Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre is a partner supporting Australian achievement. It is a centre for the exchange of ideas from all around the world,” Dr Hewitt-Gleeson says.

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