Your DFQ #08:

CVS: MAIN POINT What is the main point about this CVS?

Today, when you are trying to escape from a CVS, what is the MAIN POINT you are trying to move away from?

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  1. The main point of the CVS is whatever our automatic pattern recognition system has detected and identified as the central construct. We jump quickly to recognition based on incomplete patterns but the brain is fault tolerant and fuzzy for safety reasons. Near enough is good enough for safety – small crawly creepy = spider. Long shiny slithering = snake React quickly and with fear.
    It might be that the main point is the key symbol or metaphor that we are using to identify the situation. Once we force a reexamination of the situation, and challenge the main point, it may disappear. Look back carefully and the spider is a beautiful beetle, the snake a wet piece of drift wood.

  2. The main point of explaining, at least in large part, school failure-in the public education system, our National Education, are the difficulties of the pupils: psychological, family, social, health, etc., etc. Caleb Gattegno (1911-1988), a doctor in mathematics and psychology, observed the way babies learn, including speaking. Each of us was a baby and learned to speak the language of his environment without a teacher and that in two or three years, sometimes less. In doing so, each of us demonstrated his learning abilities and the fact that he has many mental abilities. Based on this observation, Gattegno has developed a pedagogical approach of formidable effectiveness and created simple and robust tools for learning to read (in all languages), mathematics, foreign languages ??….


    Le point principal pour expliquer, au moins en grande partie, l’échec scolaire -dans le système éducatif public, notre Éducation nationale, ce sont les difficultés des élèves : psychologiques, familiales, sociales, de santé, etc, etc. Caleb Gattegno (1911-1988), docteur en mathématiques et en psychologie, a observé la manière dont les bébés apprennent, notamment à parler. Chacun de nous a été un bébé et a appris à parler la langue de son environnement sans professeur et ce en deux ou trois ans, parfois moins.. Ce faisant, chacun de nous a démontré ses capacités d’apprentissage et le fait qu’il possède de nombreuses capacités mentales. Partant de ce constat, Gattegno a élaboré une approche pédagogique d’une redoutable efficacité et créé des outils simples et robustes pour l’apprentissage de la lecture (dans toutes les langues), des mathématiques, des langues étrangères….

  3. The CVS I need to eliminate is that my company will stay a small player. My partner and I are cracking our brains, listening to enlightened business leaders and testing ways to break that state. We can see the BVS but it’s not as easy as simply flipping a switch. Or is it?

  4. I am working in the area of preventing violent extremism. The main point is that violent extremism is “bad” and should be “resisted” or “countered”. I want to escape from that CVS: what is violent extremism is “good” and should not be “resisted” or “countered”. If I am not engaged in “resisting” or “preventing violent extremism”, what shall I do? Now, the search for new ideas become an imperative.

  5. The main point of my cvs I’m trying to move away from is doing tasks that are reactive as opposed to tasks that have been well thought out, discussed and planned.

  6. My main point is that incremental improvements will eventually lead to the perfect outcome.This can often close my mind to contemplating larger changes. I need to keep asking why we do things, rather than how can we fix/improve what we have.

  7. The main point about avoiding side issues arising during daily work hours (CVS)… is to fouce on scheduled tasks to get quick precise results.

  8. The main point about my CVS is that I am working for someone else. I am selling my time to my company. When I am there I belong to the company and have to obey their directions. When I am doing a great job for my employer I am not given extra benefit for my extra work. I have to follow their rules that are nonsensical at times. I have to do things that are against my beliefs. if I am not doing thing the way that my employer wants then I will be in trouble. Because my time is limited then my rewards with my company are also limited. There is so much compensation for so many hours of my life. I don’t like that. I want to generate as many rewards as I can base on my work quality. I want to divorce myself from selling my life for money.

  9. Today morning I wasn’t able to reset a service , my password got into problem. I got locked out , spent a lot of time getting it fixed. I got the login back and tried to set up another service and again got locked out and main point of the cvs was ” today is a wasteful day, i will be locked out of anything I try” .
    So I told myself that I cannot survive the day with this attitude and create more trouble , smile and think of something else and try to do some other work that does not require logging in etc.

    1. Nice one, Sonia. cvs2bvs is not just for solving business problems or creating career value but, more importantly, it’s to keep yourself happy each day and to help manage your moods.

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