Your DFQ #08:

CVS: MAIN POINT What is the main point about this CVS?

Today, when you are trying to escape from a CVS, what is the MAIN POINT you are trying to move away from?

665 thoughts on “#08 MAIN POINT

  1. The main point of my CVS is to move people form an old way of working to a new way of working – more agile and more customer focused. Maybe people dont need to move away from this old way of working – not sure that helps me much 🙁

  2. Previously posted but now reducing CVS scope. What is the main point of genealogy? ‘Find ancestor records’. But what if there are no records, what if records are not digitized, or what if there are transcription errors? Studying the anthropology/history of the time & place may allow me to escape from the main point.

  3. My CVS is to go away from political problems which make people thick shallow in their daily activities or business of the day which is to upgrade their theory and present view of batter political world in other to change their idealistic behaviour of some the hopeful people around the pole.

  4. ‘There is no opportunity’ may translate to ‘the world is bad’. Realpolitik dominates the thought waves. It seems there are no solutions to problems and fear tends to control conversation. ‘Fear of failure’ is the main point as Robert points out. But what if the world is good. What if there are solutions. I am trying to move away from the idea that ‘the world is bad’.

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