Your DFQ #026:


Do I hear the sound of laughter every day?

Why not?

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  1. Le sourire est non pas une première étape mais, à mon sens, un pré-requis. Puis, faire ce que nous avons à faire, professionnellement ou ailleurs, sérieusement sans se prendre soi-même au sérieux. C’est un état d’esprit qui se partage facilement.

    The smile is not a first step but, in my opinion, a prerequisite. Then do what we have to do, professionally or otherwise, seriously without taking yourself seriously. It is a state of mind that is easily shared.

  2. I do hear laughter every day. Always a high point. The question phrase in relation to hearing laughter is interesting as it got me thinking about laughter and the deaf. How is it different for someone who is hearing impaired? Are we taught to laugh a certain way? Is the vocal response the same?

  3. In my previous company, a couple of senior leaders and I set the tone for laughter. We celebrated the weird and odd behaviours among leaders. We soon found out that the team was reacting well to their bosses not taking themselves too seriously and joined in. I realised that it takes someone strong in his or her mind to accept such behaviour. The basic requirement is to be strong in your work first, then you can have fun and laugh. It’s harder if you don’t. This works at all levels.

  4. I always laugh. When I am around, the workplace is light, soft and happy. I always poke fun at ideas – reverse them, think of new things, making fun of our conclusions, on our thinking. Laughter is always liberating. It liberates us from the seriousness of old, traditional ideas. Humor is the beginning of “what if” or of looking at possibilities.

  5. laughing helps release of oxcytocin , de-stresses us , opens up our perspective and helps us be more creative !!
    so indeed a day without laughter is a day wasted !

  6. It is interesting that I hear laughter when there is a culture of success within a company and also when the only thing to be happy about was laughing at what a tough situation we were in at the time. I think laughter accompanies “taking advantage of a situation”, i.e. having a secret sauce that works, and also “a last resort” where a fear of failure dissipates because of a “we can’t be any worse off than we are now” type thinking. I’d rather the first type of laughter.

  7. I don’t recall hearing the sound of laughter everyday. I think it’s because I have never really paid attention to laughter as I go about my daily life.

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