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Do I hear the sound of laughter every day?

Why not?

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  1. Do I hear laughter every day? A good question, but should this be reworded as “Should I expect to hear laughter every day”?

    In simple terms yes but on certain days in certain scenarios probably not. On most days there will always be the capacity to experience humour and laughter brought about by situations with our families, friends, acquaintances and colleagues that whether through deliberate or accidental acts make those involved in such scenarios smile and laugh at either ourselves or each other. However, there will be days where we all experience great grief through the loss of those we love (human or animals) , the loss of relationships, through self-doubt, and in such times we may well be surrounded by people who are feeling these same emotions, so laughter may not be heard at such times. It is on these days and on these occasions that we should remember the time when laughter was shared and commit these memories to our hearts so that even on such days in moments of quiet reflection we are able to smile about what life has given us even if in that moment we are not able to laugh aloud?

  2. Laughter, like the sound of birds chirping or the wind in the trees is probably always there in the ambient, but we only hear it when we are in the mood. Day to day seriousness is rather self indulgent and introspective. In contrast, most funny people I know are infectious, outwardly transmitting their joy. And some lucky souls see the whole of life as a long and amusing entertainment.
    To look for reasons to laugh, is to look for abstract connections, absurd juxtapositions and surprising paradoxes. It is a noble quest, a search for the Holy Grail. Apart from straight slapstick, humour is an intellectual exercise, and the ability to “see the joke” is a divine gift of cognition.

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