Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #07 – TPF: Your Company x10

Why are the better thinkers getting the better jobs? It’s because better thinkers are creating value.

They are getting the job done without creating a fuss. They are getting on with others. They are co-operating and solving problems. They are mindful of creating opportunities. They use their brainpower to give their employer a much better return on payroll. Better thinkers are more job-friendly. Employers prefer better thinkers.

Value fountains create value

Value Fountains and Value Drains

On any given day in any given business there are value fountains and value drains. That day the value fountains created value for the shareholders. The value drains depleted shareholder value on that day. The job of the CEO is to multiply the number of value fountains by ten. That’s why CEOs offer better jobs to better thinkers.

Value drains deplete value

In the last lesson you considered Your Job and it’s three possible futures. In this lesson consider a TPF for Your Company. Tomorrow we’ll do a TPF for Your Industry.

NOTE: If you are a student or not employed you can adapt the thinking to your own situation.

What if … ?

Remember, this is just thinking, not policy! These are ideas (what ifs) they’re not yet decisions. You are speculating about possible futures not yet planning. For example, you may have an x10 idea that could lead to revenue possibilities or to cost-savings. Try to give rough estimates of potential numbers #, dollars $, and percentages % that may result from your x10 idea. Your possible futures might be inside the box or outside the box. Your time frame might be 2020, 2021 or 2025. You don’t have to prove anything, just think laterally and have fun!

DFQ #07: What three possible futures are there for your company? What if …




64 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #07 – TPF: Your Company x10

  1. 1) investing in artificial intelligence
    2) make the employees work ×10
    3)create a bvs management

  2. I can imagine what my company might be like, so I talk about three possible futures for my company and imagine how my company might be run.
    1- I always have to prepare for changes that come month by month. That’s to maintain a good level of competition;
    2- Thinking , all the time, of introducing new service/product;
    3- I have to continue developing my team

  3. 1-To complete an undergraduate degree.
    2-Being a successful person in my chosen field.
    3-I also want to be a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

  4. Building a top class Human Potential Consulting company.
    1. Devote my first earnings to build my company.
    2. institute x10 thinking environment for everyone who join my team in a year.
    3. Become the number one to bring x10 thinking to Ghana in 2 years.

    Still the desire to bring Dr. Michael Hewitt- Gleeson to Ghana before he retired finally.

  5. What if . . .

    1. I recorded 100 new podcast interviews in 2022.
    2. I launched a new course in 2022 – and made it 100% free
    3. I completed my PhD in 2022.

  6. 1. Fight with the management to cut down load days to four or so days during the week.
    2. Increase contracted hours for employees.
    3. Start the night team earlier during the day.

  7. For the companies I contract with:
    1: Create course-ware that actually helps people learn, not just feel good about the time spent in class.
    2: Create a soft-skills class centered around thinking and problem solving.
    3: Add online tutoring to college and high school to offerings.

  8. Start a foundation for serving cancer affected

    Start a foundation for serving Parkinson’s affected

    Start a foundation for serving Schizophrenia affected

    DFQ #07: What three possible futures are there for your company? What if …

    AgVic moved to a 4 day working week. A trial by Microsoft Japan found a productivity increase of 40% when the entire office worked Monday – Thursday compared to the same month the previous year.
    What if salaries were more closely aligned to outputs or outcomes not hours worked. In theory supports flexible working & encourages efficiency in tasks, though obviously could spark debate (i.e. fruit pickers being paid a piece rate rather than minimum wage an hour)
    What if AVR scientists could do a “placement” with another research group. Such an initiative could serve as a platform for fostering greater collaboration across disciplines & “outside minds” being brought onto new projects could also spark new ideas

  10. Staying on the theme of the National Packaging Targets, APCO could
    1. Maintain the current push to influence the system and government using collective impact in a voluntary program, and influence stakeholders to enter into mutually reinforcing activities to achieve the goals
    2. Continue the work of the covenant, and add administration of product stewardship programs in adjacent spaces, using and leveraging tools and membership platforms
    3. Merge or create formal partnerships with other entities in the packaging eco system to gain end to end agreement and support for the activities that will deliver the system change to achieve the targets

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