Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #07 – TPF: Your Company x10

Why are the better thinkers getting the better jobs? It’s because better thinkers are creating value.

They are getting the job done without creating a fuss. They are getting on with others. They are co-operating and solving problems. They are mindful of creating opportunities. They use their brainpower to give their employer a much better return on payroll. Better thinkers are more job-friendly. Employers prefer better thinkers.

Value fountains create value

Value Fountains and Value Drains

On any given day in any given business there are value fountains and value drains. That day the value fountains created value for the shareholders. The value drains depleted shareholder value on that day. The job of the CEO is to multiply the number of value fountains by ten. That’s why CEOs offer better jobs to better thinkers.

Value drains deplete value

In the last lesson you considered Your Job and it’s three possible futures. In this lesson consider a TPF for Your Company. Tomorrow we’ll do a TPF for Your Industry.

NOTE: If you are a student or not employed you can adapt the thinking to your own situation.

What if … ?

Remember, this is just thinking, not policy! These are ideas (what ifs) they’re not yet decisions. You are speculating about possible futures not yet planning. For example, you may have an x10 idea that could lead to revenue possibilities or to cost-savings. Try to give rough estimates of potential numbers #, dollars $, and percentages % that may result from your x10 idea. Your possible futures might be inside the box or outside the box. Your time frame might be 2020, 2021 or 2025. You don’t have to prove anything, just think laterally and have fun!

DFQ #07: What three possible futures are there for your company? What if …




64 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #07 – TPF: Your Company x10

  1. 1. We become the nationally recognised service provider in our industry
    2. we are engaged by hundreds of local councils and have a strong product offer with metrics for each
    3. we scale our service internationally and become a global force and thought leader

  2. 1. My company may increase its product line to 10 fruitful products, instead of the current 1 product, within a year or two.

    2. My company may develop a single new product, which is worthwhile enough to give employment to hundreds of people, as opposed to the current 5 employees.

    3. My company may become a multinational conglomerate.

  3. 1. Become the customers financier also, not just the supplier. Start a bank within the company.
    2. Drive-though service for small items
    3. Account cards with QR codes to scan into TRS

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