Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) – Lesson #02 – The Solution …

The last lesson was about The Problem, the deficit in Human Thinking. Today’s lesson begins to look at – The Solution – which I have called, ‘software for your brain’. Click to watch the 15-min tutorial …

— This 15-min session was edited from Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson’s televised address with Zondwa Mandela (grandson of Nelson) to the Arab and African Youth Platform in Aswan, Egypt on 17 March, 2019.

The DFQ #02 (Daily Feedback Question) – ‘Leave your thought’ below and answer this question: What idea have you taken from this lesson that you can actually try to use today?

Tomorrow’s Lesson #03 – The Intelligence Trap.

LEAVE YOUR THOUGHT: Those who complete all ten DFQs in this training will get a personalised Lateral Thinking Certificate from the School of Thinking. After you’ve watched and thought about the tutorial session reply with your own answer to the DFQ. In our training for each lesson we have a DFQ – Daily Feedback Question. Usually reply with your own thoughtful answer to the question in around 25 words or so. There’s no ‘right’ answer. It’s meant to be a personal comment. Just leave your thought. You can also read the comments of the others. All the answers will be shared around.

140 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) – Lesson #02 – The Solution …

  1. I like knowing that Nos and mistakes contain value.
    Software “downloaded”
    Thank you

  2. Working from home alone and trying to write a manuscript. Will be trying really hard to find a bvs, because cvs is letting me down.

  3. The integration of the software (the thinking tool like CVS to BVS) with the hardware (my head) and the processor (the action of my hand moving my head to alter the view) is a beautiful piece of code (communication) that has already rewired my system (PFC). I am already changed.

  4. To remember to consciously say ‘CVS to BVS’ as a trigger to lead me away from my current thinking and explore alternatives.

  5. Simply consciously recognising and acknowledging we always have a current view of a situation is a powerful first step to improved and more lateral thinking.

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