Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) – Lesson #01 – The Problem …

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Question: What is still the biggest problem on Earth?

It’s even bigger than the Covid19 plague. More disastrous than the global recession. Worse than nuclear weapons. To begin the discussion click below and watch my YouTube tutorial (8 mins) …

— This 8-min session was edited from Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson’s televised address with Zondwa Mandela (grandson of Nelson) to the Arab and African Youth Platform in Aswan, Egypt on 17 March, 2019.

When you complete these ten lessons, and the ten DFQs, you’ll qualify for your personalised Lateral Thinking Certificate – Advanced (LTC-A) from School of Thinking which can be useful to add to your Linked-In qualifications.

After you’ve watched and thought about the session reply with your own answer to the DFQ. In our training for each lesson we have a DFQ – Daily Feedback Question. Usually reply with your own thoughtful answer to the question in around 25 words or so. There’s no ‘right’ answer. It’s meant to be a personal comment. All the answers will later be shared.

DFQ #01What is the most important insight you personally have taken from this first lesson?

Record your answer below: ‘Leave your thought’. You can also read the thoughts and conversation points of others taking this course.

The next lesson will come tomorrow: Lesson #2 – The Solution.

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156 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) – Lesson #01 – The Problem …

  1. My main insights from this session are:
    -That there is an opportunity to move beyond ‘right/wrong’ thinking which would be massive for our wicked/complex global issues. Could we start to band together and focus on the issue (rather than each other) from all perspectives and look for a ‘better’ approach than we each have currently, also allowing for others to reach ‘better’ outcomes rather than ‘us V’s them’.

  2. My main insight from this session was realising how much fear still drives so much thinking, especially people’s responses to new ideas. A default setting of fear was obviously an evolutionary advantage that helped our ancestors survive. But it doesn’t serve us well any more.

    1. Fear is an invisible perception. It’s either amplified by those that want to make you pay attention, or it’s quashed by the bearer, with skills, techniques and awareness.
      On the other side of fear is freedom…

  3. For some time, I’ve been aware of the fact that thinking and thoughts are of EXTREME (if not, UTMOST) importance – because Thoughts are Things (if you want to think 🙂 that way). Therefore, the most important insight, or what stands out most to me from this lesson, are the biological aspects (which I break-down into three parts): 1.) that the PFC had to be assembled/wired-up, 2.) that nature cares for the brain so much, that babies are born in such a way to facilitate our head, and 3.) that part of the lengthy nurturing process for human babies, is due to the care and development required for the brain.

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